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  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Great Antique Machine in very good condition with only 6175 miles one rider! Fast 2 stroke water cooled triple speed machine! Carbs cleaned, new battery, new NGK plugs, fresh oil change, Points and condensers on order and will be installed before pick up.
    2016-11-17 04:43:05
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Vintage 1975 Suzuki GT750 Water Bufalo Two-Stroke Project - Original Paint   Bike is in good original shape. It has been in dry storage since 1990 and recently discovered.  Only deviations from stock are that it appears to have had saddle bags at some point and a Mustang seat was installed.
    2016-10-24 04:38:03
    Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION 1975 TS 400   FULLY RESTORED!when we say fully restored we  mean full restored   thats inside and out       look at the detailed pictures  you can see this is show quality       what we do  is completely tear down a original bike , every item will be replated, replaced with nos parts, powdercoated, show chromed, show painted  and properly machined lets start with the engine, you cannot see inside so ill tell you what was donethe cylinder was sent to Dave at A&M Machine     he has been boring 2 stroke cylinders since the late 60"shis work is perfect! although it was on stock bore , the recommendation was to go to 1st over which he did, at the same time all parting is cleaned up to factory specs.....and finally a show quality bead blast for that uniform new lookat the same time we had Dave give the engine case halves a beading    again for that show qualtu lookthe transmission was fully inspected ( no issues like new )   the crank was rebuilt by crankmaster    nos seals and lower bearing....the clutch and clutch springs were replaced with nos suzuki parts    the engine covers  were professionally buffed and polished ....and the pistons and rings are brand new Wisecoall gaskets and motor seals are brand new nos ......all screws are genuine Suzuki nos .....not the cheap Chinese screws  from a big box store!       so the heart of this beauty will be beating along time  you can see  in the pics we got every part show ready     however here is list of  some of the parts we replaced   or you.  Below is an outline of new parts and engine rebuild build details.
    2016-10-24 04:37:57
    Berlin, Connecticut, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
      1975 Suzuki GT380.  All original with only 9118 miles.   Great bike to restore.  Most of the chrome is in good condition.  Exhaust is nice with no holes or rot...even the head pipes are nice without the usual rusting.  Original paint, but tank does have dent on left side.  Tank inside has light rust ( I believe a single soaking with Metal Rescue will take care of it ).  Seat will need recovered.  Gauge lenses have the usual cloudiness that is common with Suzuki GT gauges.  This bike does not currently run, but engine kicks over with good compression on all 3 cylinders.  And trans shifts through all gears properly.  At a minimum it will probably need the carburetors rebuilt, and a tune-up of the ignition system (plugs & points).  Also, tires are older and should be replaced for safety, but they hold air fine.   Overall, I think this will make someone a very easy restoration project.  Especially considering Suzuki still sells almost everything you could need for this bike.  And the 2 stroke Suzuki triples, will continue to appreciate in value for years to come.  Clear title in hand. We are a licensed motor vehicle dealer with the State of Ohio. We are required to collect sales tax from Ohio residents, and also residents of MI, IN, MA, SC, FL, AZ, CA, and WA.
    2016-10-06 04:38:12
    Xenia, Ohio, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    NO TITLE, have a 1975 RV90, missing lots of parts, motor isnt stuck, great project bike. 
    2016-08-29 04:51:01
    Ashland, Kentucky, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    2016-08-27 04:46:26
    Wadsworth, Ohio, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    This is a great Barn Find.  1975 Suzuki GT380M, everything seems to be intact.  This is  the way I received the bike, I have not tried to get it running.
    2016-08-20 04:47:08
    Westerville, Ohio, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    I have a non running complete ts185Great compression. Pretty good shapeGood rolling brakes work fine.all cables free and working .site would not let me choose 1972 but its a 1972.and I could not figure how to state that there is no title. Its not required in my state(GA)Dan 404.630.2881 for pics
    2016-08-19 04:47:25
    Talking Rock, Georgia, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    This is a blue 1975 Suzuki RE-5 Rotary in good running condition with 17,948 miles. Only around 6,300 RE-5'S were produced. Suzuki commissioned Italian industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro for the RE5 styling.
    2016-08-19 04:46:55
    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Restore able old bike, very complete. Tank is rusty inside but does not leak. Ran when I parked it.
    2016-08-17 04:49:27
    Camdenton, Missouri, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Up for auction I have a 1975 Suzuki GT750 water buffalo. The bike has 17495 miles on it. I have a Michigan title for the bike, not in my name.
    2016-08-15 04:52:50
    Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    you are buying two Suzuki ts250 one is a 1974 and one is a 1975 they both run they both have titles they are both in good condition they are by no means in showroom condition but what's a little after if you wanted to you could make them to that level if not you could have a great all-around bike for the house bike for the trails any questions call me at 231-335-6903
    2016-08-11 04:51:47
    White Cloud, Michigan, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    1975 Suzuki TC185 Rare Original & Mint Condition with Low miles, Runs & Looks Like BRAND NEW! Has Electric Start & an Awesome Dual Range Transmission! Title in hand, plus owner and service manuals & fully street legal!
    2016-07-31 04:49:26
    Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Up for sale is a very nice all original 1975 Suzuki TC185 in very good condition. The bike has been garage kept and used very little. It has only 5500 miles.
    2016-07-29 04:49:58
    Itasca, Illinois, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    this bike runs like new everything works everything is in order very clean nothing wrong with it any price you pay for this bike you make money 
    2016-07-28 04:50:36
    Bullhead City, Arizona, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
     1975 Suzuki TS185 Runs like a new bike! Bike is in very good used condition and runs amazing for a 46 year old bike. I purchased this little time machine from the husband of the 60 year old female owner who purchased the bike in 1976 with 200 miles.
    2016-07-20 04:49:59
    Maquoketa, Iowa, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Been sitting for 10 years, took it home, cleaned all the carbs, new petcock kit, new/used front brake and pads, new starter motor but starter clutch needs work.. Compression 90lbs each cyl.All electrics work, lights, switches, turn signals, brakes, hi lo beam.etc.This starts and runs after a few kicks, Goes like a screaming flash, all carbs running good, need to be synched. Tires are kinda dry rotted.
    2016-07-09 04:48:46
    Moscow, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Up for sale is my 1975 Suzuki TS400. Bike is in good shape for being 40 year old enduro. I installed new knobby tires.
    2016-06-30 04:45:03
    Sugar Land, Texas, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    Just beautiful. Needs nothing, everything works, starts instantly and runs and rides with no issues. Full payment due within three days in cash or wire transfer.
    2016-06-21 04:55:16
    West Milford, New Jersey, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    1975 Suzuki GT-250 two stroke twin with Ram Air heads in all original condition. This bike is complete (only is missing left mirror) and never modified or restored. The bike runs (smokes) and rides with everything in working condition.
    2016-06-14 15:10:27
    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • 1975 Suzuki Other 1975 Suzuki Other (1975)
    1975 Suzuki Other , 1975 TC-185 ALL ORIGINAL bike with only 2220 miles. Bike does have a clean title. Vary rare!
    2013-12-19 23:36:55
    Dallas, TX
  • 1975 Suzuki T500 Titan Classic / Vintage 1975 Suzuki T500 Titan Classic / Vintage (1975)
    1975 SUZUKI T500 Titan, If you're looking for a large bore two-stroke, the Suzuki T500 Titan is considered one of the best ever produced. Not as quick as a 500 Mach III Kawasaki but much more reliable. First introduced in 1966, the T500 was produced through 1976.This bike has been in our inventory for some time.
    2013-10-19 03:47:04
    Redmond, WA, US
  • 75 Suzuki GT38075 Suzuki GT380 (1975)
    Up for sale is my low mileage Suzuki GT380 3 cylinder 2 stroke sport bike. I found this bike 4 years ago after it was sitting in the owners basement for nearly 30 years! Having had a bad experience riding and falling down on the bike twice, he decided to park it in the basement corner with just over 1800 miles on it!
    2013-10-22 00:46:21
    Wallingford, Connecticut, US
  • 1975 Suzuki gt380 Standard 1975 Suzuki gt380 Standard (1975)
    1975 Suzuki gt380, fix er upper
    2013-10-17 18:07:16
    Milwaukee, WI, US
  • 1975 Suzuki RE-5 Rotary RE51975 Suzuki RE-5 Rotary RE5 (1975)
    Nice example of the M-model, the more desirable 1st year model with the unique instrument cluster and taillight to match. With only 5306 original miles, this bike is in great condition for its age. Everything works, brakes are good, lights, horn, all electrics work too.
    2013-10-01 15:15:06
    Corona, California, US
  • Vintage Suzuki 185Vintage Suzuki 185 (1975)
    Clean, Simple, and reliable. What more can I say? This bike is quite possibly the perfect bike.
    2013-09-29 16:46:17
    Athens, Tennessee, US
  • 1975 SUZUKI TM2501975 SUZUKI TM250 (1975)
    This is an extremely nice original ,meticulously restored 1975 Suzuki TM250. This bike is a very special restoration with a lot of time given to each and every part,nut,bolt,washer,etc.The tires, rims,hubs ,fenders and seat all which are stock originals . Everything else is, New,NOS,Painted,Zinc Plated or Polished Beautifully.
    2013-09-28 14:18:41
    Warren, Michigan, US
  • 1975 Suzuki TS 1851975 Suzuki TS 185 (1975)
    Contact for details if interested.
    2013-09-28 10:19:38
    Union Dale, Pennsylvania, US
  • 1975 suzuki re5 rotary wankel motorcycle1975 suzuki re5 rotary wankel motorcycle (1975)
    I will do 850.00 cash or 950.00 through ebay. Up for sale is a 1975 suzuki re5 rotary wankel engine motorcycle.This is a very rare bike with less then 8,000 mile I purchased 2 of these bike 1 was in running order and 1 was not so i am selling this one.This bike DOES NOT HAVE A TITLE so it is sold as is the rotary/motor kicks over with a lot of compression the bike is about 95% all there I have a pic of the gauge to verify the miles.Will ship to the lower 48 u.s.states for shipping quotes email me before you it buy it now with your zip code and if it will be shipped to a house or a business this bike can be picked up in youngsville nc.Sold as is.
    2013-09-26 23:33:12
    Youngsville, North Carolina, US
  • 1975-6 Suzuki GT750 'Water Buffalo'1975-6 Suzuki GT750 'Water Buffalo' (1975)
    No time for me to restore this bike.  This bike was parked  in a garage under a cover 29 years ago until I picked it up. I haven't done anything to it, won't start obviously.
    2013-09-26 21:17:20
    Wadena, Iowa, US
  • 1975 Suzuki GT750 Project1975 Suzuki GT750 Project (1975)
    Bike has been partially disassembled, odometer show 1801 miles. All parts appear to be there except for the radiator. Sat for about 30 years, engine turns over.
    2013-09-05 08:25:39
    Kingston, Pennsylvania, US
  • 1975 Suzuki TS 185 Runs Great Low miles and Clear Title SEE VIDEO1975 Suzuki TS 185 Runs Great Low miles and Clear Title SEE VIDEO (1975)
    I bought this back in the spring hoping to help the wife with her riding skills with no luck. It is in pretty good condition. All lights work and it starts and runs great.
    2013-09-26 22:44:59
    Aberdeen, Maryland, US
  • 1975 suzuki re5 rotary wankel cafe racer vintage rare custom mazda rx7 rotary1975 suzuki re5 rotary wankel cafe racer vintage rare custom mazda rx7 rotary (1975)
    Up for sale is a custom Suzuki RE5 rotary Wankel Cafe Racer.Keep in mind they only made a wankel rotary engine bike for two years and suzuki is the only one, there where 6300 made only 2800 of this year imported to the USA and less then 900 are still on the road today, this is a rotary engine bike just like the mazda rx7 engine.This bike has only 7000 miles on it and was purchased from a good friend of mine that had it sitting in his shop for 20+ years.This bike is in good shape for its age and runs descent but can use a good tuneup.   -The dash is custom made for this bike with the same features the stock cluster but does not look like a big tool box. -All fluids has been changed.
    2013-09-04 16:16:37
    Youngsville, North Carolina, US
  • 1975 Suzuki RE51975 Suzuki RE5 (1975)
    1975 Suzuki RE5 selling for a friend. We did the work on the bike and it is a prime example of the RE5. This bike has had a new clutch, cases polished, new spokes, new paint job on gas tank and side plates, carbs rebuilt ,new tires, new chain and hand gripes, new seat cover ,any thing the bike needed it has been done to the bike.
    2013-09-04 16:07:56
    Johnson City, Tennessee, US
  • 1975 Suzuki RL250/Street legal Trials Bike/New Mich Tires1975 Suzuki RL250/Street legal Trials Bike/New Mich Tires (1975)
    [1] Great, 1975 Suzuki RL 250 EXACTA, Street Legal, Trial Bike, horn,high/low beam, wide pegs, dealer installed, factory lighting kit,New Mich. tires,many spares, absolutly NO RUST in tank or anywhere else!! Never had a 2 stroke motor run so Quiet, this bike is smooth, and Like the name infers EXACTA!!!
    2013-09-04 07:53:26
    Billings, Montana, US
  • 1975 Suzuki RV90 rv 90 - very cool classic original rare bike- complete run good1975 Suzuki RV90 rv 90 - very cool classic original rare bike- complete run good (1975)
    in original condition with only 1900 miles, new battery, fully serviced, starts runs and rides great, oil changed, cables lubed, carb cleaned, fresh 2 stroke oil and gas, has original key, seat recovered a couple of years ago, has original tires that hold air and have good tread but have cracking, did not want to replace them since they are original and this bike is collectable, will go about 50mph, big wide tires for plush off road ride, larger than the honda of the era - the seat is full sized, rare original find is in fair condition and would be good to restore or you can ride as is, wiring is original but i think the connections need to be cleaned up at the lights are not working bike starts and runs good so I know the system works but needs some tlc, clear title in hand, great for classic bike night, pit runner, grocery getter, great to learn on too-has a clutch, way cooler city bike than a moped , get lots of attention on this rare classic, has "great barn fresh patina" but very clean, has some light rust must sell to raise money for and make room for a new bike call or text 702 204 5199 you are responsible for shippng however I can crate for 100 and drop at a local shipping depot in las vegas if you do buy it now I will deliver up to 125 mile for free
    2013-09-03 11:14:15
    Henderson, Nevada, US
  • 1975 Suzuki TS100 TS-100 TS 100 Dual Purpose1975 Suzuki TS100 TS-100 TS 100 Dual Purpose (1975)
    Up for sale is a 1975 Suzuki TS100. I purchased this bike about five years ago from a friend. I rode it for about a year and haven t rode it since.
    2013-09-03 09:57:06
    Leland, Illinois, US

Suzuki Other Price Analytics

Moto blog

Suzuki has prepared a touring version of the V-Strom, the 1050XT Tour

Fri, 11 Dec 2020

Suzuki has expanded its lineup by simply adding three black-painted aluminum panniers to the older V-Strom. The resulting "V-Strom" package has acquired its own name: Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Tour. The total volume of the top and both side cases is 112 liters.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Sportbike Gets New VVT System

Tue, 29 Jan 2019

Suzuki has adopted the SR-VVT (Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing) system on the 2017 GSX-R1000. A centrifugal drive system is integrated into the intake gear and adjacent guide plate. It features 12 steel balls and slant grooves to rotate and synchronize the intake valve at a predetermined RPM for increased power at high RPMs.

Goodbye Hyperbike: Suzuki Ends Hayabusa Production

Thu, 27 Dec 2018

The legendary beast goes down in history after twenty years of dominating the highways, dragstrips and the earth's surface in general. The hyperbike is being discontinued due to non-compliance with the Euro-4 environmental standard, but its story does not end there. The company is clearly preparing its successor, as indicated by the renewal of the Hayabusa trademarks.

Suzuki unveils long-range V-Strom 1000XT Adventure

Sun, 21 Oct 2018

Adventure is based on the 1000XT, a top-of-the-range 1037cc V-twin with 99 hp. and spoked wheels and differs from it in additional equipment. The set includes 37-litre aluminum saddlebags, a center stand, heated grips, roll bars and a distinctive blue-silver-white paint job.

Turbobike Suzuki: Details!

Sun, 03 Jun 2018

A new patent image reveals something new about the serialization of the Recursion concept. As we already know, the Hamamatsu company is preparing a commercial version of the Recursion show bike and its main feature will be a 700cc turbocharged inline two-cylinder engine, which is distinguished by powerful traction in a wide rev range. But on the way to the assembly line, the device will noticeably change, as hinted at by patent images.

Suzuki has updated the GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F

Sun, 19 Feb 2017

The GSX-S1000 street fighter, based on the 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5 sportbike engine, and its faired F-version came out two years ago. This spectacular couple began the new year of 2017 with updates. The rider will certainly notice the presence of a new clutch with reverse slip, providing smoother downshifts!

Suzuki announces new Hayabusa hyperbike generation

Wed, 09 Nov 2016

The "supersonic" Hayabusa is one of the eternal values ​​​​of the Suzuki brand. The bike has been produced since 1999 and is clearly not going to rest - the new "Busa" will take into account the disadvantages of modern motorcycles and get smarter. The company President Toshihiro Suzuki stirred up the public, saying that the new motorcycle will appear at the end of next year.

"Gixer’s" New Clothes

Fri, 26 Aug 2016

Instead of announcing models for 2017, Suzuki has unveiled a special edition of two of its bestselling models, the GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F. The GSX-S1000 Carbon Edition is available in black, blue, and red, with some elements finished in yellow fluorescent paint. The bike is fitted with body-coloured Brembo monoblock calipers, as well as carbon crankcase covers and fender liner.

New cross-country Suzuki 2017 bikes

Wed, 27 Jul 2016

Suzuki has released detailed information about the 2017 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 motocross models. The main innovation of the whole series was the coloring. The colors of some plastic elements have changed, the Excel aluminum rims have become black.

In loving memory of the Suzuki Katana

Wed, 23 Mar 2016

The Japanese are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the legendary Suzuki Katana motorcycle, whose appearance on the road still stuns the layman. Back in the day, the Japanese manufacturer relied on the European design studio Target Design to get an innovative motorcycle. Hans Muth, the ex-BMW designer at the time, presented two concepts: a 650cc prototype and a 1100cc version that ended up on the assembly line.