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Turbobike Suzuki: Details!

Sun, 03 Jun 2018

A new patent image reveals something new about the serialization of the Recursion concept. As we already know, the Hamamatsu company is preparing a commercial version of the Recursion show bike and its main feature will be a 700cc turbocharged inline two-cylinder engine, which is distinguished by powerful traction in a wide rev range. But on the way to the assembly line, the device will noticeably change, as hinted at by patent images. In particular, a birdcage frame will appear, and the intercooler will not be placed under the seat, as in the concept, but next to the air filter housing. The new layout shows different rims and, even more interesting, a decidedly more aggressive fit with clip-ons. The plumage is shown conditionally and hints at the appearance of an almost full-fledged fairing. According to some reports, the motorcycle may be called the GSX700T or even return the Katana name. The premiere is expected before the end of this year.

By Azali Minyki

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