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Santa on a Can-Am Spyder

Fri, 12 Dec 2008

Everyone knows that the market for three and four wheeled motorcycles is fueled by aging motorcycle enthusiasts not wanting to let go of that feeling of being in the wind. Similarly, some voyagers in their aging years are opting to travel on the ground instead of taking to the skies. Santa is no different.

Rumor has it that his sinuses have been taking a hit this winter season. With ground travel being so much slower than the standard issue sled the man in red uses, it won’t be easy to deliver all of his packages on time this year. Especially with DHL dropping it’s service, he’s really behind the eight ball.

What The???

Keen observers (and marketing geniuses to boot) spotted jolly old Saint Nick on the streets of Manhattan this week. Sighting reports from Times Square and 34th street have come in to us at because we’re tight with Santa and motorcycles alike. Good reporting has taught us that he was spotted riding the 2009 BRP Spyder Roadster, in atomic red of course.

Being the good boy that Santa is, he started with the Northeastern states and was seen today on his way to the “Marine Toys for Tots” toy drive which began Monday in Manhattan.

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By Alfonse Palaima

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