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Yz 125v 2006 One Owner. Atlanta Area. Can Deliver If Needed on 2040-motos

US $3,000.00
YearYear:2006 MileageMileage:26 ColorColor: Blue

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Atlanta, Georgia, US
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YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 1

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YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 2 YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 3 YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 4 YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 5 YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 6 YZ 125V 2006     One Owner. Atlanta area.  Can deliver if needed, US $3,000.00, image 7

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TypeType:Off-Road Engine Size (cc)Engine Size (cc):125 WarrantyWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty For Sale ByFor Sale By:Private Seller

Yamaha YZ description

    Down south we had the wettest spring on record I believe.  That is the primary reason I built this bike. All the state forest trails were closed because of erosion.  The other reason: I wanted to find out just how much money and time I could waste.   Original owner low hour masterpiece for sale.    I bought two of these new in January 2008 because I thought Yamaha would stop production on this model and this is the one out of two that was ridden infrequently. I was saving it to preserve it for the future. This bike has 26point2 TOTAL hours on it. What started out a maintenance servicing quickly turned into a project that I have spent over 120 hours on. I am a perfectionist by nature and I think this bike proves that. I really wish I wasn't by the way!  The entire bike was taken down to the bare frame and went from there. The entire frame was polished. The top end and clutch was pulled.  I had already replaced the piston and ring at twenty two hours right before I rode it the last time a year ago. So the top end and crankshaft were just checked for the proper tolerances ( which were perfect ) and then reassembled with new gaskets after cleaning the powervalves and head. The cylinder still looks like new. The clutch inner hub had some wear where the clutch springs make contact with the spring towers on the hub. ( This is normal wear ) But I wanted to build a super reliable bike so an entire new clutch was installed. Basket, inner hub, pressure plate, fiber plates, steel plates, springs, bearings, and washers.. Oh also I have receipts for all of the new parts that I mention in this " article ". lol    The price of this bike is reflected in the fact that it is as good as new and in some aspects better. You get what you pay for when it comes to this beautiful motorcycle. This bike was not " put together ". It was painstakingly " precision built ". You know the saying " pictures don't do it justice ", that saying exists for a reason. You need to see it in person. It is stunning. All of the polished surfaces create reflections that may look like defects, I can asure you that this bike is as good as it gets. Thank you for looking! The only place this bike was ever ridden was in the state forest trails, it as never been on a motocross track.

 This bike is just in another stratosphere compared to any other used YZ-125. If you are not familiar with these bikes, the 2006 model is 99% identical to a new 2014. The only changes Yamaha has made since my bike left Japan were not to improve the YZ-125, but to streamline their vendor orders. They had to spec the same parts as the four strokes. I own a business ( Xpert YZ  llc) and I will be happy to explain all the details if you want to send me a message.   There is no difference in performance between my bike and a 2014.  So I do not see why anyone would pay literally thousands more for a 2012, 2013, or 2014.

There is however a huge difference in my bike and all other used 2006 and up YZ-125s. I do this as a professional and after looking at hundreds of used dirt bikes over the years I have come to one conclusion.  Over, well over, half of them are clapped out pieces of junk.  Most people selling bikes do NOT even know how many owners their bike has had let alone what maintenance has been done. On average 5 to 10% list their bike as a newer year then it actually is. Then they post 2 to 4 crappy pictures taken from 10 feet away and expect people to bid thousands of dollars based on what they see. Only problem is that you cannot see anything from 10 feet away. Why the rant? I have a buyers service so I literally waste days of my life driving to look at bikes for clients.  It is just so absurd the amount of, if not outright lies, the bs people tell when selling something. 

I do try to educate my customers.  


Just remember everyone:  YOU get what you pay for  !!  ANYONE can put new plastics on a bike and say JUST LIKE NEW !   The  person who buys this bike will be SMART enough to know a gem from the junk.     

**** Entire frame polished

**** Entire engine polished, except cylinder and head.

**** Swingarm polished

**** Rear subframe polished

**** Front fork was removed and all wear items were replaced. Bushings, seals, wipers, O-rings, and fluid.

**** New 2013 style front fork upper leg sliders ( black )

**** New 2013 style front brake line clamp ( aluminum design replaces steel clamp )

**** New Galfer stainless steel braided front brake line ( blue ) New front brake pads. Entire hydraulic system was flushed and bled with synthetic DOT4 fluid. The lever pull is nice and firm. Master cylinder was rebuilt with a new Yamaha OEM rebuild kit. This was done for reliability not because of wear.

** New front wheel bearings and seals. ( All of the bearings and seals I replaced on the bike was not because they were worn out, hardly used, but I do not really like doing something twice and stuff like the swingarm, linkage, and headset are a whole easier to do when the bike is disassembled. So I made sure these items would have a long, long life with no maintenance for quite a while.  I say " if it isn't broke, can I fix it anyway? "

**** New rear wheel bearings and seals.

**** New swingarm pivot bearings and seals ( these are one of the most important parts of the rear suspension but are rarely ever serviced by most. Replacing them is not a fun task which might be why most forget about them. 

**** New rear suspension bearings, collars, and seals ( Same as above, not a fun task servicing these and that is why I just put brand new ones in. Cheap insurance....well not actually cheap....$140 for the swingarm and linkage pivots.

**** New headset bearings and seals ( these are rarely serviced or even thought about by most people: requires machine shop service to press stem out )   To grease the lower bearing it has to be pressed out, so I just put all new in while I had it apart.

**** New rear brake pads. The entire system was flushed and bled with synthetic DOT4 fluid. Has a very firm brake pedal!!! Entire caliper was disassembled, cleaned to perfection, pad and caliper slider pins machine polished and greased with high-temp caliper grease.

**** New carburetor matching OEM needle valve and seat set.  Gas degrades these parts as fast in as little as 6 months. Entire carb cleaned to perfection and then polished.........New upper slide O-ring.  New float bowl O-ring.

**** New  Helix carb and vent hoses ( blue ). New alcohol resistant marine rated fuel line.

**** New SunLine Matrix teflon lined clutch cable ( blue ) There was, like most everything on this bike absolutely no reason to replace it but I had one so on it went!  

**** New fuel tank petcock O-rings ( there are two of them ). Gas also degrades these over time.

**** New kickstarter O-ring. Kickstart lever was disassembled, cleaned,  shaft polished, new O-ring installed and greased. The movement is like a swiss watch.

**** New rear brake pedal O-rings.....see above. lol

**** New FMF Titanium 2  silencer ( titanium stinger and end cap ).     FMF Fatty exhaust pipe has 4 hours run time.  I painted pipe flat black to look old school plus I think it looks better with the polished frame and engine.  Also new O-rings in exhaust header (2). 

**** New V-Force 3 reed block and reeds

**** Complete top end was removed and specs checked. Power valves were polished. Reassembled with all new gaskets, power valve rod seal, O-rings and circlips.

**** New Moto-hose coolant hoses.

**** Radiators completely cleaned, flushed, polished, and refilled with new coolant.

**** New entire OEM Yamaha clutch ( OEM basket, inner hub, and pressure plate ) New EBC plates and springs. Honda GN4 is the oil that has been used since new. Good oil.

**** New SuperSprox rear sprocket ( 49T up one from the stock 48T ).

**** New SuperSprox case hardened front sprocket ( 13T stock number ).

**** New top of the line DID " gold on gold " ERT2 chain.

**** New chain sliders and rollers ( top and bottom )......I bought 2 TMDesigns blue rollers for $50 and they did not meet my expectations. The bearings were rough and did not spin freely. So back they went. These AllBalls are as smooth as glass, very nice.

**** New UFO chain slider ( blue )

**** New plastic: everything that is plastic except the fuel tank and air box is brand new. I mean everything. I went through 3 complete sets of new Acerbis plastics before I was satisfied with them being scratch free. Obsessive yes. But only the best would do for this bike.

**** New FactoryEffex graphics of course.

**** New $10 NGK Iridium spark plug. Yeah I could have put a $5 plug in but it wouldn't be the best.

**** New No-toil  preoiled air filter. Air box is spotless inside.

**** New Spider grips. These are not cheap and are very comfy. 

**** New Renthal bar pad. The stocker had some scratches on it from branches.

**** New OEM Yamaha throttle cover, front brake cover, clutch cover.

**** New clutch and brake levers. 

**** New bolts, washers, nuts, gaskets, O-rings etc. as needed.

**** Michelin StarCross tires: installed last summer, they have 3.4 hours of run time. I was going to put new tires on BUT these are barely worn!  

Every single nut, bolt, screw was machine polished. The front and rear axles, swingarm and all linkage pivot bolts were machine polished in a two part process. They are practically impervious to corrosion. Dry pivots like the footpegs, shifter, and rear brake clevis were treated with RemOil which is a gun lubricant made by Remington that dries to a film and does not attract dirt. Every bolt and screw had blue Loctite applied generously to prevent corrosion and loosening. Every bolt, nut and screw was torqued to the factory specs using both IN/LB and FT/LB torque wrenches. Even all the aluminum spacers throughout the bike are polished, even though you cannot see them.

Every single " wear " item on this bike is brand new. And everything else was replaced because I wanted a brand new bike. This bike is as tight and fresh as a 2013 on the showroom floor.  As I stated, this is a project that got out of hand. Once one part looked great every part after that had to be as good or better. This bike is honestly as good as a new one. I put great effort into this unintended project and I am sure the new owner will be thrilled with it. 

Make no mistake, although this could be a show bike it is 100% ready to tear up some dirt. With all the polished parts and the fact that every rubber and plastic piece was treated with a dry film protectant should make this bike very easy to keep clean.

***************   IF NEEDED I can personally deliver this bike up to   1000 MILES (  round trip ) from me for a very reasonable .45 cents a mile ( round trip ). I can meet halfway or I can even possibly deliver further depending on my schedule.  $ 500 Paypal  deposit due within 24 hours of auction close. I can help with meeting a shipper but all shipping is the buyers responsibility. Sold with a bill of sale and MCO.   Happy bidding everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       There is only one loser in selling this bike and that is me.  Calculated at minumum wage for all the hours I have spent, the cost of the bike and the roughly $1500 I just spent..... Yes that number is correct !    I am "only  " losing over $ 4000 dollars! Oh well !  I know someone will love this baby!      I also retain the right to end this auction early as it is listed locally.                   

PLEASE send me any questions and I will respond ASAP !!!   This bike is like no other " used " bike anywhere. It is a gem!!! Thank you for looking!


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