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  • 2007 Honda CRF150R Expert 2007 Honda CRF150R Expert (2007)
    2007 Honda CRF150R Expert, ONLY RODE A COUPLE OF TIMES STILL HAS ORIGINAL TIRES - When it comes to dominating the MX Mini class, great things come in small packages—like the new CRF150R. But some racers are bigger than others, so we also offer the CRF150R (Expert). Same bike, but with bigger wheels, a slightly higher seat and longer swingarm designed to accommodate taller young riders.
    2013-12-20 22:25:53
    Fontana, CA
  • 2011 Honda CRF50F 50F 2011 Honda CRF50F 50F (2011)
    2011 HONDA CRF50F, The World's Best Beginner Bike.How many thousands of beginners have had their first taste of motorcycling on a Honda 50? Hundreds of thousands, for sure. And it???s easy to understand why.
    2013-12-18 23:14:52
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2011 Honda CRF70F 70F 2011 Honda CRF70F 70F (2011)
    2011 HONDA CRF70F, More Fun Than You Can Imagine You have to consider two things when you choose a motorcycle for your youth rider: Their size and skill. Its built to build confidence, and features the same durable engine design, and smooth power as the CRF50F, so it feels right and rides right. And a very important point: it also uses the same three-speed semi-automatic transmission so theres no clutch to worry about.
    2013-12-17 23:05:26
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF?®150R Expert 2013 Honda CRF?®150R Expert (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®150R Expert, Small Bike, Big Trophies.The CRF150R may be Honda's smallest MX machine, but it has everything it needs to be a big winner.Consider the Honda CRF150R's high-performance Unicam?® engine with lightweight counterbalancer shaft and drive gears. Or its fully adjustable Showa?® suspension to smooth out bumps while maintaining a high level of wheel control. And a Pro-Link?® rear suspension just like the big boys.
    2013-12-16 22:57:12
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF??250L 2013 Honda CRF??250L (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®250L, Motorcycling's New MVP.The CRF250L is an awesome dual-sport machine that adds off-road capability to its on-road prowess. The CRF250L gives you a great upright seating position that???s comfortable for longer rides, perfect for seeing your way through an urban traffic snarl or getting out on the trail. And if your town doesn???t have enough money to fix those potholes or pavement patches, the CRF250L???s long-travel suspension is built to handle them no problem.Sure, the new CRF250L is super practical, offering great fuel economy.
    2013-12-15 22:19:25
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF?®250X 2013 Honda CRF?®250X (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®250X, Track-proven. Trail ready.Using technology from our National-Championship-winning MX machines, the CRF250X is powered by a four-stroke Unicam?® engine specially modified for off-road riding. We???ve also tuned the suspension for the trails, and given the rugged transmission wide-ratio gearing to handle conditions in both real-world riding and closed-course racing.
    2013-12-15 22:02:49
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF??250R 2013 Honda CRF??250R (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®250R, On The Gas!Anyone who???s ever raced in the Lites class knows that your bike better be perfect if you expect to win. With a 450, all that power can help you erase a mistake, but on a 250 if you give an inch the rest of the pack is going to use you for traction.That???s why the new 2013 CRF250R doesn???t give an inch. We took the 2012 Lites East AND West SX champion and gave it an even sharper edge.
    2013-12-12 22:11:00
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF?®450X 2013 Honda CRF?®450X (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®450X, King of its Class.Taking its inspiration from Honda???s revolutionary CRF450R Motocross machine, the CRF450X gets Honda???s magical touches that transform it into the king of the trail. Touches like the Honda Progressive Steering Damper, which helps reduce rider fatigue and improve cornering. An electric starter for easy start-ups in even the worst conditions.
    2013-12-10 23:46:40
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF??150F 2013 Honda CRF??150F (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF?®150F, Maximum Fun on a Mid-sized Bike.The CRF150F takes easy operation to the max: Its electric starter takes the kick out of getting underway, but not out of the ride. Its smooth four-stroke engine delivers the power you depend on, while the serious Pro-Link?® rear suspension turns whoop-de-don'ts into whoop-de-dos. Add the CRF150F's smooth-shifting five-speed transmission, legendary low maintenance, and a full measure of Honda reliability, and you're ready to take your off-road riding to the max.
    2013-12-10 22:10:03
    Fontana, CA
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  • 2013 Honda CRF150F Dirt Bike 2013 Honda CRF150F Dirt Bike (2013)
    2013 Honda CRF150F, NEW 2013 GREAT BEGINER BIKE - The Honda CRF150F’s slightly smaller wheels and shorter seat height compared with a full-size off-road bike ensure that learning riders won’t feel intimidated as they gain experience, yet its ergonomics provide plenty of room for experienced adult riders, too. A 149 cc air-cooled four-stroke engine delivers power smoothly, with lots of torque for easy takeoffs and no sudden surges as the revs rise. And the 35 mm Showa front fork and Pro-Link rear suspension give you the confidence to tackle even tough trails.
    2013-10-16 08:25:04
    Fontana, CA, US
  • 2011 Honda Crf 450 Mx 2011 Honda Crf 450 Mx (2011)
    2011 Honda Crf 450, I'm selling my baby which is my 2011 crf450r. I'm selling it because I took up road racing and don't have time for it anymore. This bike must go to a good home and be taken care of just as good as I did.
    2013-10-03 02:57:17
    Fontana, CA, US

Honda CRF Price Analytics

Moto blog

Honda has applied for a European Vehicle Type Approval for a new model

Fri, 06 Aug 2021

Earlier this year, a Japanese company patented the name and layout of the new NT1100 model. A while later, renderings of what a sports touring car with the engine and transmission from the CRF1100 Africa Twin might look like appeared on the network. Since then, no new information about the appearance of the NT1100 has been leaked, but just the other day it became clear that the model will be presented soon.

Honda has unveiled the 2022 CRF450RX

Fri, 04 Jun 2021

There are no crutial changes, the manufacture's engineers, with the help of factory racers, were fine-tuning the motorcycle. As a result, the enduro CRF450RX, like the cross-country CRF450R, received a retuned electronic engine control unit, as well as recalibrated shock absorbers, which had a positive effect on enduro handling.

Honda has announced plans to go completely zero-emission

Sun, 30 May 2021

The company President Toshihiro Mibe said that Honda is committed to being completely carbon-neutral across all of its products. To do this, the company is expanding the range of electric vehicles and has also developed a standard for replaceable batteries Honda Mobile Power Pack.

Looking forward to the NX200 - Honda's new touring enduro

Thu, 06 May 2021

It will be a real adventurer, only a small one. The motorcycle will focus on the Asian markets. These isn't much information about the bike yet, but it is preliminary known that it will be built on the CB190 platform and will receive a single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 184 cc.

The other day, Honda patented the name and layout of the NT1100 motorcycle

Fri, 12 Feb 2021

The Africa Twin parallel twin will be installed in another chassis - an asphalt tourist one. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no official pictures, only the fantasies of fans and third-party designers. Only one thing is clear - the engine will be 1100cc, and just like the CRF1100 Africa Twin touring enduro and CMX1100 Rebel chopper, the engine will be offered with both a conventional motorcycle foot-shift gearbox and a DCT robot.

Honda has updated its flagship GL1800 Gold Wing tourer for 2021

Tue, 19 Jan 2021

There are no radical changes, improvements have affected parts of Honda tourers that are important for ensuring the comfort of the rider. In addition, new color and graphic schemes have appeared for the 2021 models. The Tour version has Gunmeatal Black Metallic and Candy Ardent Red.

Honda introduced the European version of the MSX125 Grom 2021 model year

Sat, 12 Sep 2020

The legendary microbike received an engine that complies with Euro5 standards and significantly upgraded looks. In addition, the MSX125 will now also be sold under its own name Grom on the European market. Honda Grom received an updated 125cc single-cylinder engine with 9.6 horsepower, aggregated with a five-speed gearbox instead of the previous "four-speed".

Honda will introduce the new CBR600RR later this year

Wed, 08 Jul 2020

There has been no official information from Honda about the new generation CBR600RR yet, but it became known that the 2021 model will echo the older Fireblade in terms of its exterior. The "Six hundred" will receive a "two-eyed" LED head optics, the air intake will be located in the middle. Winglets will be added to the fairing to increase downforce at high speeds.

Honda has patented a technical solution from the arsenal of the Gold Wing tourer.

Thu, 02 Apr 2020

The modern Honda Gold Wing is equipped with a double wishbone front suspension, which not only increases ride comfort, but also allows the geometry of the motorcycle not to change during acceleration and braking. Lever suspension, which stabilizes the bahavior, may appear on other models of the company in the future. This is hinted at by patent images of similar systems integrated into the design of completely different motorcycles - the “classic” CB1100 and the small-capacity C125 Super Cub.

Little brother: Honda introduced a "nano version" of the X-ADV scooter

Sun, 11 Aug 2019

The model is called ADV 150 and, despite its similarity with the X, it has nothing to do with it. The engine is a single-cylinder with a volume of 149.3 "cubes", developing 14.2 hp at 8500 rpm and 13.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. Suspension is a regular telescopic fork and two Showa rear shocks.