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Yamaha Showcases New “Revs Your Heart” Slogan with Impressive Domino Show – Video

Tue, 02 Apr 2013

Yamaha recently announced it is adopting a new slogan to go with its “New Medium-Term Management Plan” for 2013-2015: “Yamaha Revs Your Heart“. The new slogan connects two key themes for Yamaha, the sound of its engines racing and the passion its products instills in its customers.

To introduce its new brand slogan, Yamaha Motor produced a video featuring thousands of cascading dominoes. The video features several segments: city, sea, snow mountain and the race track. Each segment representing different aspects of the company’s business, including motorcycles, marine, snowmobiles and, of course, racing.

The new slogan and video mark the start of Yamaha’s new plan, which calls for 250 new products to be introduced in the next three years, starting with the recently unveiled Star Bolt.

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At first glance, it’s easy to assume the whole video was computer animated. There were some digital effects, but the dominoes were real, as the behind-the-scenes video posted below illustrates. This “Making Of” video shows some of the missteps including one crew member accidentally knocking over hundreds of tiles in the domino sea.

The “Making Of” video also reveals some details such as the sound of a VMax used for the opening city segment. It also reveals the final segment, illustrated in the screen grab above, features 20,318 variously-colored dominoes representing racing fans on a grandstand.

Here’s Yamaha’s explanation for the domino motif:

The dominoes illustrate the ride – through the city, the sea, the snowfields, the race tracks.

These dominoes symbolize Yamaha products, with their simple attention grabbing movements through multiple domains.

Yamaha wishes to deliver that moment of excitement, of exhilaration to everybody that meets our brand in every way – so we can deliver an exceptional experience; that feeling of *Kando.

*Kando: Deep satisfaction and excitement.

Behind the scenes video:

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[Source: Yamaha]


By Dennis Chung

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