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Yamaha Releases “Master of Torque” Anime

Thu, 20 Mar 2014

Yamaha is producing a Japanese anime series called “Master of Torque” to promote its new MT series motorcycles. The four-part series follows three young riders in a fictional version of Tokyo set in a 2017 where everyone seems to ride a Yamaha. The series prominently features the MT-09 (a.k.a. the FZ-09 in North America), the MT-07 and the Street Rally version of the MT-09.

Voiced in Japanese but available with English subtitles for a global audience, the series depicts the motorcycle culture in Japan, while also showcasing the country itself. Episodes will appear on Yamaha Motor’s official YouTube channel as well as a special Master of Torque site. The site also offers information about different aspects of Japanese culture and the real-life locations featured in the series including National Route 246.

Here is the first episode, titled “Idle Roughness”:

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The complicated plot centers around the Hyuga Corporation, a company developing some sort of suit that gives people superior athletic abilities. The series features three lead characters: the protagonist Dan Amo, Hyuga executive Kotaro Hyuga and journalist Makina Mikage.

Dan lives a boring daily life at Hyuga Corp as a salaryman, a generic Japanese term for a white-collar businessman, but comes to life at night as a motorcycle deliveryman on his MT-09 Street Rally. Kotaro is the heir to the company’s presidency. He rides an MT-09 and is trying to catch Dan for some surely nefarious reason. Makina is a freelance journalist with her own interest in Dan. She rides an MT-07.

The plot may be a bit confusing if you just watch the first episode and don’t read the story description on the microsite, but some may find the visuals entertaining enough. The animators did an impressive job depicting Japan and rendering Yamaha’s motorcycles. The next episode, titled “Understeer” will be released May 16.

[Source: Yamaha]

By Dennis Chung

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