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Yamaha Champions Riding School To Debut One-Day “Day Camps” This August

Tue, 22 Jul 2014

On August 13, the Yamaha Champions Riding School, at New Jersey Motorsports Park, will debut its new one-day clinic. In addition, YCRS will head an N2 Track Days SED or “Skills Enhancement Day” on August 12. After eight successful two-day programs in the past four months, the YCRS Day Camp is being put into play and being paired with the proven success of the N2 (formerly NESBA) SED.

“We’ve used our one-day curriculum with everyone from Harley-Davidson to Triumph and have asked NJMP to help us get it rolling to the public here in New Jersey,” says YCRS’s Nick Ienatsch. “The August dates are a chance for riders to spend a day focusing on the Champions Habits riders need to survive and thrive, on the street or track”

“The Day Camps are not another track day,” chimes in Ken Hill, “they are designed to take any rider to the next level and give them the understanding in their riding that they may have been missing. It will be a day of intensive learning and our experience has proven that these Day Camps are huge for rider improvement.”

The cost of the first Day Camp on August 13 will be $595 on your own bike, and a YCRS R6 can be rented for only $300 more. Each bike must pass a standard tech inspection, and the day is limited to only 44 riders. The N2 Skills Enhancement Day on August 12 will feature YCRS instruction at a larger ratio for $395 and YCRS bike rental will only be available that day to former full YCRS graduates, with a maximum of 70 riders. 

Anyone who has experienced a YCRS or Spencer school over the last 17 years knows what to expect. “So much of YCRS is getting the rider to become a better on-board engineer in how he or she moves weight forward and back and onto the footpegs,” says guest instructor Scott Russell. “All the things I learned the hard way, like trail braking, body position, good downshifts, visual habits, YCRS gets across to students in a perfect way. Ask any YCRS graduate, this stuff works to make you faster and safer.”

“Although we will not be able to give the same level of instruction available in a full two day school (24 riders maximum), YCRS will use the Day Camp to review Champions Habits as related to body position, body timing, visual habits, and line choice to name just a few of the techniques we’ll cover. Our goal is to help you become a more adaptable rider and instill these Champions Habits to help you stay safer as you go faster,” said Keith Culver, Operations Manager of YCRS.  Both days will include a track walk with the YCRS instructions and offer a curriculum and an instructor/student ratio just not possible in a regular track day.

You can register for these days via the N2 website ( or the YCRS web page ( and don’t hesitate to ask questions. The N2 website has been updated and if the YCRS website still shows the 3 day class, just click on the Purchase button and it will open a new page where you can choose one of the single day programs or both for a discounted price. For questions, email 

By Troy Siahaan

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