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Vespa's Collaboration with Justin Bieber

Mon, 14 Aug 2023
Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter brand, has recently made waves in the world of pop culture with its exciting collaboration featuring global pop sensation Justin Bieber. This unexpected partnership brings together the timeless charm of Vespa and the star power of Justin Bieber. As one of the most influential pop stars of our time, Justin Bieber's involvement in this collaboration adds a contemporary twist to Vespa's timeless models number 50,125 and 150. Bieber's global fan base, known as Beliebers, spans across generations, making him the perfect ambassador to bridge the gap between Vespa's rich heritage and the modern world. His unique style and charisma bring a fresh energy to the collaboration, attracting a new wave of enthusiasts to the Vespa brand. Designed personally by Justin minimalistic total white Vespa X with silver graphic flame that stretches across the lower body of the scooter on leaves no one indifferent. As the company says: “Style pop! Comfort top”! It’s natural to mention that it’s not only about looking pretty. The technical characteristics might impress you with its remarkable rectangular headlight, spectacular 12” wheel rims and full color multifunctional TFT display, in sync with all smartphone functions. Classic 150cc engines comply with all the most recent environmental regulations which is crucial. The collaboration goes beyond just the scooters themselves. It extends to limited-edition must see accessories like helmets with all-white internal lining, along with white gaskets, leather bags covered in already familiar stylish flames and even a rear luggage carrier. This comprehensive approach ensures that fans can fully immerse themselves in the Vespa X

By Polly Fox

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