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Stuck for a gift? Solution No2: Harley-Davidson merchandise

Fri, 09 Dec 2011

Next year marks a strange anniversary for Harley-Davidson; 100 years of the firm's merchandising operation. Yes, just nine years after getting in on the motorcycle game H-D realised that the real cash was to be found in selling accessories rather than just bikes.

And they're masters of the art.

Looking simply at the Christmas-related 'gifts' section of the firm's catalogue (and that's discounting the simply 'seasonal' section, which is stuffed with things like Harley-Davidson wooly jumpers – for off-duty Hells Angels everywhere) you'll find H-D snowglobes, Christmas tree baubles, Santa-and-his-Harley Christmas cards and gift wrap. You can even get Harley-Davidson Santa hats in a suitably biker-style black rather than the tradition red. Not leather though, which is surprising...

Stepping away from the purely Christmas stuff, there's a baffling selection of stuff. It's like somebody has snapped up all Woolworths old stock and then rampaged through the warehouse firing 'Harley-Davidson' logos at everything through a special Harley-branded machine gun.

I wonder who made the call that there should be a Harley-Davidson 'mirrored tea light holder' in the range? Or rubber stamped the H-D 'anodised aluminium and stainless steel carabiner with flashlight and bottle opener'?

See if you can find anything weirder at

By Visordown

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