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Stocking filler suggestion: 3

Fri, 10 Dec 2010

Before going out on my high-powered motorcycle I always like to make sure that I'm wearing clean boxers with good elastic.

Having once been admitted to A&E in a tatty pair of shreddies that weren't only on inside out (improved mileage) but were also on back to front (got dressed in the dark) and - if that wasn't already embarrassing enough - the elastic in the waistband had gone, too. Deep shame.

To avoid any similar thunder-pant faux-pas, Red Torpedo have decided to run a Christmas offer so that everyone can get a pair of funky Crawford pants in a tin to put in their stocking as well as a "pick your own" brand new PRIMO quality t-shirt all for £25 - a festive saving of ten, whole English pounds.

Not pants at all.

The offer is available on until 20th December. 

Q: What does 100mph along the washing line?

A: Honda pants

By mark forsyth

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