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Nissan Juke R VS. Suzuki GSX-R1000 – Video

Tue, 30 Jul 2013

Car versus bike stories have been done countless times before. But for me, being a fan of both forms of transportation, I still get a kick out of them every time. This latest contest, from British outfit Car Dealer Magazine, pits a standard 2013 Suzuki GSX-R1000 against a very unique four-wheeler: a Nissan Juke R.

The Juke R isn’t your ordinary Nissan Juke. To make up for its hideous appearance, Nissan’s in-house tuning department, NISMO, replaced the regular Juke’s engine and running gear with that of the company’s supercar, the GTR. This translates to 485 hp and 433 ft.-lbs. of torque delivered to all four wheels with massive brakes to slow everything down.

It’s a formidable, albeit unlikely competitor to the Suzuki, but perhaps the Zook’s biggest asset is the man piloting it, none other than former British Superbike champion John Reynolds. John’s skill will be needed to overcome the car’s braking and cornering advantage thanks to the massive contact patches in each corner.

The short and tight 0.67-mile Rockingham Raceway course lacks any significant straight, so neither machine will be able to stretch its legs. Nonetheless, it’s still entertaining to see two engineering marvels take to a racetrack. Check out the video below to see who wins!

By Troy Siahaan

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