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Motorcycle Buying Tips For Women

Fri, 17 May 2013

Over the past few years, especially since the height of the economic crisis, more and more women have turned to motorcycling both as a way to save on fuel costs, but also to experience the joys of the open road. In an article recently published by Consumer Reports, some tips are provided for women looking to enter the sport for the first time.

The first bit of advice is to “Sit on a lot of different bikes first,” says Angela Annamalai of Shelby’s Powersports in Bronx, New York. The goal here is to figure out which riding position you find most comfortable.

After that, consider a small-displacement motorcycle. They’re generally lighter weight, have a lower seat height (which makes it easier to plant both feet on the ground, boosting confidence), and won’t overwhelm you with power.

There are a number of different motorcycles and scooters to suit virtually any riding need. Honda’s new CTX line even has an option for a fully automatic transmission, making the shifting experience one less thing to worry about, if you so choose. Still, Consumer Reports notes that Harley-Davidson claims to sell the most motorcycles to women than any other brand in the U.S.

Above all, however, complete a motorcycle safety course and don’t skimp on safety gear. A proper helmet, jacket and gloves are the minimum, riding pants and boots are even better. These are all pieces of advice we’ve covered before, but it bears repeating. Click here for the full story, including CR’s list of the most reliable motorcycles.

By Troy Siahaan

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