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Most Obvious Press Release Of 2013: Biker Chicks Sexier Than Pedestrians

Tue, 31 Dec 2013

In a misallocation of funds Harley-Davidson recently spent an untold buttload of money proving something men have known for years: That women who ride motorcycles are sexier and better between the sheets than women who don’t ride. Common responses from male motorcyclists to the press release were: Duh; Tell me something I didn’t already know; Can I be a recruiter?

Meant to entice non-riding females into the Harley-Davidson army by pimping the Bar & Shield’s website,, the press release was peppered with effeminate catchphrases such as “physical intimacy, “communication,” and “improves relationships” but the basal message is one of female motorcyclists being sexier, happier and more confident than their non-riding counterparts.

“Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression, so it makes sense that women riders are happier in life and, in general, feel more fulfilled,” said Claudia Garber, Director of Women’s Outreach for Harley-Davidson. “That’s why learning to ride a motorcycle is the perfect gift you can give yourself and the best resolution to make for a truly life-changing new year.”

Of the 1,013 U.S. adult female riders and 1,016 U.S. adult female non-riders surveyed, the report found that:

37 percent of riders vs 16 percent of non-riders always feel happy. 27 percent of riders vs 7 percent of non-riders always feel sexy. 35 percent of riders vs 18 percent of non-riders always feel confident. 51 percent of riders vs 35 percent of non-riders were content with their physical intimacy.

The survey also reported that 34 percent of women riders feel “less stressed.” Whether that’s due to motorcycle riding or the improvement in physical intimacy with their significant other is up for debate.

While the pseudo-news press release is a thinly veiled advertising maneuver meant to engage women and compel them to purchase a new Hog, H-D deserves kudos for attempting to bring more women to the motorcycling party. No one wants Sturgis to be a total sausage fest!

By Tom Roderick

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