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Ladies - All seasons kit from Weise

Wed, 23 Mar 2011

We’ve all been there, it’s a hot sunny day and you decide to take a friend or partner out on the bike. Being a sensible biker you refuse to take them out in their 'skinny' jeans and denim jacket but instead offer to fit them out in your ill fitting, smelly, ever ageing kit from the dark corners of the loft. They put it all on and off you go.

Weise offer a range of clothing specifically tailored for ladies offering decent levels of protection and durtabilty and all for not a lot of money.

Both the Weise Titan sport jeans and Symphony Jacket are waterproof windproof and breathable. They also come with full CE armour and a removable thermal lining. The Tatu boots are also breathable and waterproof and have stretch panels in the right places and offer a decent amount of support. They also have a heel which for pillions is very useful, I’m told makes you feel “more safe”

In a quick search online I could pick up the boots for £89, the jacket for £109 and the jacket for £119. All brand new for just £317, not bad for decent protection in all weathers and not to mention offering peace of mind easing the burden of responsibility you carry when taking out a pillion.

Check out here to see the whole 2011 collection

By Andy Stevens

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