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Get A Discount On The Yamaha Champions Riding School

Mon, 23 Jun 2014

On the fence about trying the Yamaha Champions Riding School? Don’t be. As one of the premier riding schools in the country, the lessons learned at this school will help anyone — regardless of skill level — whether you ride on the street or track. Now that the school has relocated to New Jersey Motorsports Park, some might question whether they want to commit to riding in the Jersey heat in the middle of July. If this describes you, YCRS has an offer for you.

The school is not inexpensive but to everyone that has taken it, it is worth every penny.  The normal rate is usually $2395.  This includes brand new Yamahas for two days, Dunlop Q3 tires, fuel, catered breakfast, catered lunch, a banquet dinner, and excellent motorcycle rider training. A sell-out is considered 22 students per class. If 18 riders register for a school, everyone in that school will only have to pay $2195.  If 20 students register, everyone’s cost will drop to $2095. If we can get to sell out status (22) then the charge will drop to $1995! This for all the same benefits that normally cost $2395.  In order to make this work, sign up at the regular price and when marks are hit, a refund of the difference of what you paid to what the final discounted price will be will be credited back to you.

Please email with any questions. Go to to learn more.

By Troy Siahaan

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