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Do you remember Honda's EVO Blade?

Thu, 05 May 2011

I can remember exactly where I was when I first saw Honda's TT100 Evolution Fireblade: at the dinner table, reading MCN as a 16-year old lad and being told to put the paper down and get on with my dinner! I'm sure you appreciate why the lamb chops had to wait..

It was created by Honda to celebrate their 100th TT victory, however I'm pretty sure Honda had another agenda: to homologate it so they could put it up against the mighty new Yamaha R1 at the TT.

You need to sell 250 bikes for homologation, there are conflicting reports as to how many Evo Blades were sold but it was under 30.

And I'm actually impressed they sold that many. They had a hefty £22,325 price tag, at a time where the new R1 was under £9,000. Now one has come up for sale and it's priced at £12,750. For me, that's priced steep but it's still a thing of beauty.

See the bike for sale here.

By Ben Cope

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