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Cool Products From Dealer Expo 2009

Mon, 16 Feb 2009

The best place to see the latest and greatest motorcycle gadgets and goodies before they hit the shelves of your local dealer is at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo. Unfortunately, you have to be an exhibitor, dealer or member of the media to attend. Luckily, we fall into the latter category.

After hours upon hours of walking the show floor, came up with a list of 10 new products that caught our eye.

RayGun Brake Rotors

A brand new product that caught our eye was the new brake rotors from RayGun Technology. These rotors are manufactured using what the company calls an Atomic-Forged process. RayGun tells us that these rotors are guaranteed for life and will maintain their finish for hundreds of thousands of miles. Currently RayGun rotors are available for a variety of Harley-Davidson models, but others models will be available soon.

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AEM Programmable Engine Management System

AEM, one of the biggest names in aftermarket car performance, has turned its attention to motorcycles. A beautiful black and gold Hayabusa was on display that featured AEM’s Programmable Engine Management System. AEM also makes Fuel/Ignition Controllers and other racing products. We’re told at Rickey Gadson will be sponsored by AEM and will be using AEM products in his race bike.

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If you’re looking for a place to work on your bike but want something that you can pick up and take along with you, you might want to check out the MotoPad from Moto Concepts. This injection-molded plastic pad comes in 24” x 24” inch sections so it’s easy to pack up. The MotoPad can keep the grease off your garage floor you can work on your bike on the road. A package of six interlocking pieces retails for $149.95.

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Risk Racing Magnetic LED Light-MINE

With an MSRP of just $7.99, this is the least expensive product on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. This product is smaller than a golf-ball, features 12 magnets and a bright LED light. You can stick it on anything metal and direct the light just about anywhere. This hands-free light could be a handy product if you have to make a repair on the side of the road at night.

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Find It Now GPS

Bike theft is always a concern, but the folks at Find It Now (FIN) USA can help you get your ride back. Once you have FIN unit installed on your bike, a GPS receiver can help calculate where the bike is at all times. Unlike other recovery systems, the FIN unit works in all 50 states, on road and off. If your bike goes missing, FIN will send you an alert via text message to your cell phone or email you.

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Marushin Helmets

Simply put, Marushin makes helmets that are so light, it’s hard to believe. With off-road helmets weighing as little as 850 grams and full face models as light as 1,100 grams, Marushin certainly caught our attention. These helmets do not have Snell certification. Instead, they use the European ECE standard. Don’t ask us which one is better, but these lids are so light you have to check them out for yourself. Marushin helmets should be available in U.S. dealerships shortly.

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CTEK Comfort Indicator

CTEK, the maker of the MULTI US 3300 battery charger, has a new product out that will let you know how much charge you have left in your battery. The CTEK Comfort Indicator can be permanently connected to your battery. If you want to check how much juice your battery has left, just push a button and a one three lights will let you know. If your battery is low, you can hook up your CTEK charger directly to the Comfort Indicator and restore your battery’s charge.

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Joubert Smart Bungee System

We’ve all seen bungee cords of all shapes and sizes, but the beauty of the Joubert Smart Bungee System is the variety of hooks and connectors. You can connect the bungee cords to each other in a snap and tie down just about anything. A 20-piece set retails for $14.95 and comes with seven bungee cords and 11 connectors and hooks.

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FLO Oil Filters

The FLO spin-on oil filter features an aluminum case that also acts as an air cooler. A stainless steel filter cloth is said to consistently filter across its entire surface and has a claimed flow rate almost seven times greater than paper filters. The FLO Oil Filter retails for $99.95.

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The MotoMinder is a simple tool that keeps track of your engine’s run time so you always know when you need to change the oil and service the engine according to the correct maintenance schedule.

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By Lucas Cooney

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