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Castrol Rocket, Gyronaut X-1 and Jason DiSalvo at New York IMS

Wed, 11 Dec 2013

Two Triumph land speed bikes, the Gyronaut X-1 and the Castrol Rocket, will be on display at the New York Progressive International Motorcycle Show this weekend. Jason DiSalvo, pilot of the Castrol Rocket and winner of the 2011 Daytona 200 will also be in attendance to meet fans and talk about the project.

The Gyronaut X-1 is the last Triumph motorcycle to hold the ultimate motorcycle land speed record. The X-1 first set the motorcycle land speed record in 1965 at 212.689mph, while its 1966 record at 245.667mph stood until 1970. The 25.5-foot long, 1000 horsepower Castrol Rocket will attempt to surpass the current motorcycle land speed record of 376.363mph and be the first motorcycle to to travel faster than 400mph.

For more information check out Castrol Rocket or Gyronaut X-1. For show information, visit International Motorcycle Shows.


By Tom Roderick

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