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BMW HP4 Gets New ABS that Works in Corners

Fri, 18 Jul 2014

BMW has developed a new anti-lock braking system designed to work when a motorcycle is leaned over into a corner. The new ABS Pro system will initially be offered as a retrofit upgrade on the BMW HP4 sportbike, but it’s likely only a matter of time before the technology becomes available on other models.

The ABS Pro uses the same sensors already employed by BMW’s Dynamic Traction Control and Dynamic Damping Control electronic suspension, both of which are already available on the HP4. The HP4′s current Race ABS is designed for straight-line braking, but the ABS Pro works while turning, preventing wheel lock-up when the brakes are applied too harshly and reducing the effect braking has on steering force.

The system calculates the motorcycle’s lean angle based on roll rate, yaw rate and transverse acceleration, and adapts the ABS to accordingly. As the lean angle increases, the system limits brake pressure gradient on the initial bite, reducing the pressure build-up. The ABS kicks in, but with more even pressure modulation to maintain stability and prevent wheel lock-up.

ABS Pro is designed for street use rather than for the track. As such, it turns on in the HP4′s Rain and Sport modes but is disabled in Race or Slick modes.

The ABS Pro option will be available as a retrofit option on all BMW HP4 models in October. No U.S. pricing or availability information is available, but in Germany, the option is priced at 380.00 (US$513).

[Source: BMW]

By Dennis Chung

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