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Asimo: Lazy bastard

Wed, 22 Aug 2012

Honda's ASIMO, Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility robot is a pretty cool thing. Until I'd seen it in the flesh (plastic?) I thought it was just a willy-waving exercise from Honda, but when I saw it running and walking up and down stairs, I was massively impressed.

So, perhaps, one day, we'll have the ability to buy a relative of ASIMO to help us around the house, I thought to myself. Maybe doing boring chores like hoovering, painting the fence, looking after Grandma or mowing the lawn.

But wait, what's this? Honda have developed Miimo, another robot with artificial intelligence. Miimo is a lawnmower that will be available to buy in 2013. So just when you thought ASIMO might be getting somewhere near useful, he escapes from lawnmowing duties.

At this rate, he'll be bowing-out of all the household chores and it'll be you and ASIMO sat on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon watching MotoGP, while he farms out all the housework to a team of smaller robots, the lazy bastard.

By Visordown News

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