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5 Awesome Motorcycle Gift Ideas for those Pesky Teenagers

Sat, 13 Dec 2008

Those darned teenagers and their troublesome ways could use some motorcycle-inspired gifts for the holidays. And although you may not understand the mind of a teenager, you can at least massage their brains a bit by imposing your motorcycle hobby onto them.

Here are 5 awesome motorcycle gift ideas for pesky teenagers:

Capcom’s MotoGP 08 Video Game

Recommended Ages: Rated E for Everyone
Who Has It: Anyone who sells video games should have it ( BestBuy for example )
How Much: $59.99

They’re not old enough yet to be speeding around a track at ridiculous speeds but at least they can pretend to be and MotoGP will put them in the riders seat. Capcom just released this video game this fall so it should be on any gamer/rider’s radar.

Features include:

Intuitive Arcade controls complement Intermediate and Simulation handling modes, making this a highly accessible racing experience for all audiences Ride as yourself and compete against riders from the world’s premier motorcycling championship Challenge three engine classes, including 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP™ classes Selectable CPU AI allows custom matching to skill levels Pit your riding skills against players from across the globe in intense online multiplayer modes New 2008 season adds both night racing in Qatar and the Indianapolis circuit

As long as you have an Xbox 360, or Playstation 2/3, or even a capable PC, you can immerse yourself in this riding simulator and flip out on a rain soaked track safely and soundly. will have a review up for it soon, so keep an eye out on their video game section.

Check out 4 more gift ideas after the “jump”

Motorcycle Movie Bundle: Torque, Easy Rider, The Wild One

Recommended Ages: PG-13 for at least one of the movies.
Who Has It: Amazon has everything
How Much: Probably 40-50 bucks for all 3 movies (if even that)

This is a bit of a trick. You’ve got Torque, a 2004 movie from the guy who brought us “The Fast and the Furious” and “XXX”, and then you have 2 movies that came out before the 70′s. This is your chance to provide some movie culture to a teenager who thought that the Transformer movie was actually good (it was not, folks).

Torque is fast, it’s loud, it’s got Ice Cube in it. You can then educate this teen about N.W.A (or not). It’s a movie you can throw in and not have to think about complex plot lines or satire or anything. Kick off your shoes and take in some mindless action.

After they watch Torque, the fast action popcorn flick, take them back to 1969 and the movie Easy Rider. Hopefully they’ll catch the intended glimpse of society back then and all the hippies roaming about. They’ll also get their fill of hard-tail choppers, drugs, and hijinx of the main characters as they make their road trip across America. OK, so maybe the drug use in the movie isn’t great for teens to see…

Introduce The Wild One right after and maybe they’ll forget about that drug use.

Ah, the 1950′s. Marlon Brando stars as the badass on a Triumph Motorcycle who shows the world that yes, be afraid of biker gangs out there. Marlon beat James Dean to the real “Rebel Without a Cause” title (because Dean’s movie came out two years after The Wild One).

Style: Motorcycle Jacket

Recommended Ages: Teens with style
Who Has It: I have no idea, ask a teenager where they buy their ridiculous clothing
How Much: Varying

Apparently wearing a motorcycle jacket while not riding a motorcycle jacket is cool. Look at Pharrel in the pic above. He’s looking pretty cool.

Teens are all about blowing their allowances on dumb stuff like fashion (pfff, fashion!) and if it’s hot, they’ll buy it. It also seems to be about causing the biggest ripple in the water with their outfits that make them cool.

Ah well, this is a teenagers time to shine. When they are in their late 20′s and look back at what they wore, they’ll think “oh God, what was I thinking?”. Too me, today’s fashion trends seem like a rehash of the 80′s, and that is scary.

MOMO Helmets

Recommended Ages: Anyone
Who Has It: Found them online at Atlantic Moto
How Much: Looks to be around $400

Teens are out there and they want to show they are out there. In a world full of teens, they need to stick out. If your teen is already riding a motorcycle then why not get them a helmet that stands out?

MOMO helmets are insane. Insanely different and insanely cool. I’d want one. Maybe I’ll get one from Santa. MOMO is an Italian design company who have a website I don’t understand. (but I found their english site)

Here’s a few more of their helmets:

I think I’ll put that last one on my list to Santa… Or MOMO… *cough*

Sure, what the hell! How bout an actual motorcycle? Tis the season!

Recommended Ages: Younger Teens
Who Has It: A lot of the big manufacturers have youth versions
How Much: Between $1,000 – $4,000 for a new one

They gotta start some time, right? They aren’t quite big enough for a full big nor do they even have a license for one but they want to start. There’s youth bikes out there from Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda

I don’t know if I can picture a 19 year old on one but I could see a 13 year old riding around a dirt track with one of these things. This is probably the best way to get your kid(s) headed toward that motorcycling path and will probably be a great educational tool for safety and machinery. It’s a bit costly, but hey, it’s the holidays!

So there’s 5 gift ideas for teenagers. If you still have a little one who doesn’t know what a Playstation 3 is yet, check out our 5 Awesome Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Kids. Hopefully you can use at least one of those if you have no idea yourself. Stay tuned for 5 more awesome gifts but finally, FINALLY for us adults.

By Mark Prociw

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