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2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 Launches with Holeshot Assist

Fri, 16 May 2014

Suzuki revealed the 2015 edition of its RM-Z450 motocrosser with a holeshot assist control and Showa’s pneumatic Separate Function Fork.

The Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) offers two different launch modes programmed to improve acceleration. The two modes adjust ignition timing to suit different starting conditions.

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For slippery conditions or hard surfaces, A-Mode alters ignition timing, reducing wheel slip for smoother acceleration. The effects last about 1.2 seconds (or until the transmission goes into third gear) before reverting to regular ignition timing. On better track conditions, B-Mode offers a more aggressive launch, advancing ignition timing for stronger throttle response and acceleration. B-Mode turns off either after 4.5 seconds, shifting to fourth gear or completely closing the throttle.

S-HAC modes are selected via a control on the left handlebar. An indicator light flashes slowly when in A-Mode and quickly in B-Mode. The system can also be turned off if desired.

The new Showa SFF-Air Front Fork was developed by Suzuki’s factory AMA Supercross racers including James Stewart. The right fork tube uses air instead of a coil spring, reducing weight and allowing fine tuning by adjusting the air pressure with a hand pump. According to Suzuki, the SFF-Air Front Fork weighs 2.5 pounds lighter than the previous fork.

The engine remains a 449cc Single but receives some updates. The kickstart lever has a new shape and is 30mm longer and works with new kick gear ratios. The breather gear is new while the starter idle gear was modified for quicker starting. The engine decompression system has also been revised to improve efficiency while the exhaust camshaft was redesigned to help improve starting.

The cooling system has also been updated with more equalized water flow from the left and right radiators, with Suzuki claiming a 16% increase in coolant flow. The water pump and hose have also been updated for more efficient cooling.

For U.S. models, the muffler has a new inner pipe to  help the RM-Z450 meet the 115dB sound limit for AMA competition.

The frame has been revised with a new shape and down tube to improve rigidity while reducing weight by 4%.

Other features include a 247-pound claimed curb weight, Renthal FatBar braceless tapered aluminum handlebar, Excel aluminum rims, wave disc routers and Suzuki’s quick-swapping rich and lean fuel-setting couplers.

Pricing has not been announced.

[Source: Suzuki]

By Dennis Chung

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