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2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Rulebook Now Available

Wed, 23 Oct 2013

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb organizers have finalized the 2014 rulebook and have made it available in .pdf form online. Click here to download the 93-page document. Don’t fret about the number of pages, moto-specific stuff starts on page 70. 

Now that the course has been fully paved since 2011, this has opened the doors for sportbike riders who wish to tackle the mountain. However, because of the history of the course as mainly dirt, the rulebook has always specified classes and categories suitable for dirt-oriented motorcycles. Other motorcycles were grouped into what was called the “Exhibition” class.

However, now that the course is fully paved, there’s been growing interest from sportbike riders. For 2014, the rulebook has been shuffled a bit to accommodate. Here are some quick highlights:

There is now a creation of classes within the Electric Motorcycle Division. This division will now contain two classes: Electric Modified Motorcycle and Electric Production Motorcycle. According to the rulebook, motorcycles competing in the Pikes Peak Electric Production class must be a “production vehicle readily available to the public, and produced by a recognized manufacturer.” E-bikes in the modified division could then conceivably be prototype machines, like the Lightning superbike Carlin Dunne rode to victory this year. What has been known as the “Pikes Peak 450” division will now be referred to as the “Pikes Peak Lightweight” division and encompass 301-450cc single-cylinder, four-strokes, 301-500cc two-stroke singles, and 301-500cc four-stroke, twin-cylinder motorcycles. What has been known as the “Pikes Peak Superbike 750” division and the “Pikes Peak Heavyweight Supermoto” division will now be referred to as the “Pikes Peak Middleweight” division. The class will consist entirely of four-stroke engines, but the rules have been adjusted to allow four-cylinder motorcycles between 400-640cc, triples between 600-675cc, and twin-cylinder motorcycles between 600-849cc.  What has been known as the “Pikes Peak 1205” division will now be referred to as the “Pikes Peak Open” division. This is where the big boys will play. All engines will be four strokes, four-cylinder and three-cylinder machines are allowed 750-1000cc displacement, and Twins are allowed 850-1205cc displacement. There is now the creation of the Pikes Peak Challenge division for Motorcycle, Quads, Sidecars, UTVs, and ATVs. This division will have the opportunity to have up to five classes, depending on the number of entries in each class. This division will encompass the Pikes Peak 250, Quad, Sidecar, Vintage Motorcycle, and UTV/Exhibition classes. Every Motorcycle/Quad/Sidecar/UTV/ATV division or class with the exception of the Pikes Peak Open Division, and Electric Modified Motorcycle class will be required to utilize either a DOT certified tire or a non DOT tire that is commercially manufactured with a grooved tread pattern that is readily available to the public.  All non DOT tires must be approved by the Assistant Director of Competition or his designee.  No hand cut slicks will be allowed.

Click on the link to the rulebook above to read more details about bike and rider requirements, as these posted here are still fairly vague as to what modifications are and are not allowed.

Depending on the number of entries, for 2014 PPIHC might institute a minimum qualifying time of 115% of the fastest qualifier in the class. Since the race will only be over the course of one day, getting every vehicle up and back before sundown is important. For reference, when I competed in the event this year, delays in the event meant motorcycles were held at the summit of Pikes Peak for seven hours while all the cars completed their runs. Only then were all competitors allowed back down the mountain. By that point, the sun was starting to set over the horizon.

For those thinking about entering, registration begins November 1 and closes January 31. For more information, visit

By Troy Siahaan

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