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Eagles "desperado" Original Asylum Vintage Vinyl Classic Beauty, Henley Frey on 2040-motos

US $120
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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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EAGLES "DESPERADO" Original Asylum vintage vinyl classic beauty, Henley Frey, US $120, image 1

Desperado All photos

EAGLES "DESPERADO" Original Asylum vintage vinyl classic beauty, Henley Frey, US $120, image 2 EAGLES "DESPERADO" Original Asylum vintage vinyl classic beauty, Henley Frey, US $120, image 3

Desperado All description

Thanks for your interest! READ CAREFULLY!

All items are USED, and graded VISUALLY unless otherwise noted. I apply a letter grade reflecting MY OPINION of the visual appearance of each record. Sometimes I will apply two grades separated by a "/", which means that I believe the grade falls between the two grades. Grading is admittedly subjective; I do it as critically and as honestly as I can, and I will also note the MOST IMPORTANT, but obviously not ALL, defects that contribute to the grade. (In other words, I am not going to count the hairlines). But there are NO RETURNS. I have been doing this a LONG time; if the record is scratched up, I'll tell you in the listing. But don't write me or eBay after receipt stating that the record is scratched, when is only has some slide scuffs (shadows) or faint hairlines. I know the difference; make sure that you do as well.  

I have NOT listened to these records unless there is a very suspicious spot that looks like it could be a problem. I do not know the history of each (such as what type turntable they've been played on or how they may have been cleaned over the years.) Again, these are USED records, and they are NOT graded aurally. (In other words, I am describing the records appearance, NOT it's sound, and it may sound better or worse than it looks.) Due to the age of these records, you MAY hear clicks, pops, and surface noise that are NOT apparent upon visual inspection. In addition, in rare instances a record may skip or stick even when there is no visible indication that this should happen. Most of the time, the look and sound are pretty equivalent, but there are times when they aren't, and I'm making that clear in the listing as return costs have become very prohibitive and thus returns are NOT offered. 

If you are international, make sure you review shipping terms below.US shipping $3.99  by Media Mail. Add'l records in same shipment $1 in USA. I combine for 1 week.

Grading scale categories are: NearMint / EXcellent / VG+ / VG / VG- / G. Only a SEALED record will be graded MINT. Any grade below mint will POTENTIALLY have some sort of defect, although VERY minor in the case of "NM". (Note that NM and EX records are in TOP/Near Top  condition, and are VERY nice. "NM" does not necessarily mean LIKE NEW, but will be very close to it; maybe a faint hairline(s)/paper shadows on vinyl, cover may have a light crease or very faint wear).  "EX" grades usually have a few more light hairlines and/or paper slide shadows, covers showing a bit more wear. "VG+" and "VG" records are decent copies, with light marks/light scratches (as you get toward the lower end of VG, may be heavier/feelable) and/or more hairlines/scuffs.  VG- and G records are approaching/at THE BOTTOM of the grading scale, 4 to 5 levels BELOW a NM record. They may have some visible and/or feelable scratches, possibly heavy "chickenscratch" swirl marks, and as they get to lower VG- and G they should be looked at strictly as filler copies with wear that may affect play. Covers follow same grading scale, and those at bottom of scale will be in rougher condition. Bid accordingly. ALL used records tend to have SOME amount of surface noise or foreign sounds SOMEWHERE on the vinyl - it's the nature of the beast. 

A HAIRLINE is a very tiny/faint mark on the surface, usually only visible under bright light or sunlight. 

A SHADOW is the long surface scuffing that occurs when records are scraped by the edge of the cover or paper sleeve. It is usually only visible when viewing the record at certain angles. 

A SCRATCH is a short to long mark on the record, something that may or may not be felt with a human fingernail.

RESIDUE is the shading or spotting that occurs from the paper inner sleeve having transferred it's acid onto the surface of the record. 

Note: Non-payments are inconvenient to the seller and unfair to SERIOUS bidders. Therefore, payment is requested within 3 days unless combining, and I will combine for up to 1 week....just let me know. If there has been no communication after 3 days, an unpaid item case will open automatically. Thanks for your consideration. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is via the Ebay Global Shipping Program.  No exceptions to this. Do NOT request an invoice from me; Bay will provide an invoice at auction end. Some international buyers have tried to circumvent Ebay Global Shipping by requesting and invoice from me. DO NOT DO THIS! If you DO request an invoice from me, it creates a major problem, and the transaction will be cancelled. You will NOT get the record.