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Bourget Motorcycles

About Bourget

The glorious history of the Bourget's Bike Works, Inc. started in the early 90s in Phoenix, AZ.

From the very beginning the brand was very different and even more radical than what people expected to see and experience when it came to motorcycles. Thanks to the brandís genius and cutting-edge vision we now have things like huge tires, which were only seen on Jap bikes and the 335-17 series car tires. And back then in the early 90s these were way out of the norm in the motorcycle world. The company that was founded in a three-car garage soon became a true icon in the motorcycle industry. Over the years the company had its ups and downs, even resided in a 55,000 sq ft facility during its best and most prosperous years, but the economic situation took its toll. Yet one thing remains the same until now - they still design and manufacture every proprietary Bourget component in machine and fabrication shops in Phoenix, AZ. 

The company has given birth to numerous styles of frames, parts and unbelievable motorcycles over the years including the company's signature design, BBW's oil-in frame/drop seat style chassis which marked a revolutionary change in the style of custom motorcycles being offered to the general public. It even holds U.S. Patent No. 6,575,260 for it's jackshaft design. 

The experienced and skilled craftsmen who are responsible for every piece have been with Bourget's since the beginning and remain committed to the highest quality.