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  • 2006 Verucci VC250 Phantom2006 Verucci VC250 Phantom (2006)
    The good:The bike looks spectacularIt runs perfectly, nothing wrong with the motorIt shifts great, zero issues with the trannyIt has a new chainThe tires are greatIt has new paint with a phantom airbrushed on the tankAll the chrome is in great shapeIt gets around 100 MPGIt CAN get on the highway, it gets up to about 80-85 MPHThere are NO tears or rips in the seatsAll the brakes are good, it stops really well. Never had any problems with it, or any moments where I was concerned about not stopping.The tail light works, the brake light works, the head light works and has high beam. The blinkers work and have a tone to let you know if you leave them on. The speedometer works and is accurate.
    2013-10-17 00:21:09
    Nashville, Michigan, US

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American Lifan Fined $630,000 by EPA, Pays Additional Bond for Future Vehicles

Wed, 02 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0700

Chinese motorcycle importer American Lifan agreed to pay a $630,000 civil penalty for the illegal import and sale of 28,000 vehicles that did not comply with federal emission standards. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Dallas-based American Lifan imported and sold 28,000 streetbikes and scooters, recreational vehicles and engines produced in China but were not compliant with the Clean Air Act. American Lifan also agreed to post a bond worth between $300,000 and $500,000 to cover any potential penalties for future models imported though the 2016 model year.