For your consideration, Los Desperados' Flamenco!

Vinyl: VG, light/medium crackle but doesn't drown music

Cover: VG+, some fray on top edge, normal wear, no ring wear

Here is my Grading Scale:

M > NM > VG+ > VG > G+ > G > F > P (see below for grading scale description)

This LP was cleaned with a Record Cleaning Machine and graded three ways: visually, audibly, and with a computer’s analysis to insure best grading accuracy.  It comes in a new paper sleeve.  The cover comes in a 4mm thick polyethylene outer sleeve. 

Vinyl is graded conservatively; you may find your purchase in better condition than it's actual grading.

I ship through media mail and combine shipping if you find anything else you would like to purchase.  I ship every LP in an LP mailer with protected corners. Buy with confidence that your investment will arrive safely. Returns are accepted with the buyer responsible for return shipping.

Thank you for your consideration and happy bidding.

Grading Scale Description:

Mint (M) – absolutely perfect in every way. Never played and might be still sealed.  Very rarely used rating.

Near Mint (NM) – nearly perfect record and cover. No obvious signs of wear; LP has no scratches or marks and has very light to no crackle noise heard in background. Cover is perfect with no noticeable defects (cut-out holes or notches) and includes inserts and/or posters that look perfect. 

Very Good + (VG+) – LP and cover show some signs of playback and handling by previous owner who took good care of it.  Record may show some signs of wear with slight scuffs or light scratches that affect the listening experience.  Slight warps that do not affect playback and sound are fine. Label may have some discoloration; but should be barely noticeable.  LP cover and sleeves will show some slight wear (turned up corners or slight seam split). Cover might be marred by a notch or hole punch. In general, if it weren’t for these defects, this would be Near Mint (NM).

Very Good (VG) – Many of the defect found in a VG+ record will be more prominent in a Very Good (VG) record.  Surface noise is more evident upon playing, especially during quiet sections of a song (beginning or end); but will not over power the music otherwise.  Groove wear will start to be noticed, with light scratches (deep enough to feel with a fingernail) that will affect the sound.  Labels may have writing (including tape or stickers attached). Covers may have writing or stickers also. However, it will not have all these problems.

Good + (G+) / Good (G) – A Good + (G+) or Good (G) record can be put on a turntable and it will play through without skipping.  It will have significant surface noise, scratches, and visible groove wear. A cover will have seam splits and great edge wear.  Tape, writing, ring wear or other defects will overwhelm the object.

Fair (F) / Poor (P) – Record is cracked, badly warped, and won’t play without skipping or repeating.  Cover is heavily water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by ring wear and writing.  Cover barely keeps the LP inside.

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