The Ground Breaking Series That Takes You Inside The World Of Professional Wrestling Is Proud To Bring You The ULTIMATE Inside Story Of Wrestling's Most Exciting And Controversial Brothers!

Filmed Right After Matt Hardy Was Fired From The WWE (And Not Expecting The Overwhelming Fan Support Which Lead To His Rehiring) Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Give The Complete UNCENSORED and UNSCRIPTED Story Of Their Rise From Trampoline Wrestling On Their Father's Tobacco Farm To Becoming THE MOST FAMOUS BROTHERS IN THE HISTORY OF PRO WRESTLING!

Get The Ultimate Inside Scoop On:

- In The Beginning 

- Dad's Thoughts

- Developing A Style

- Trampoline Wrestling 

- Young Entrepreneurs

- The Fair Shows

- Multiple Gimmicks

- The First Indy Show

- Road To The WWF

- First Time In WWF

- Terminology & Inside Info

- WWF Trippin'

- Old School Job Squad

- Between First Match & The Contract

- Make Them Remember You

- This Is It!

- Omega

- Being Offered A Contract

- WWE Training Camp

- Kurt Angle At Camp

- Getting Called Up

- The First Push

- Ribbing, Hazing & Testing

- 1st Tag Title Reign 

- The Feud With Edge & Christian 

- The Ladder

- Different Styles 

- "The Marty Jannety"

- Getting Mic Time

- Michael Hayes

- Interacting With Vince McMahon 

- Matt Hardy Returns To RAW

- Jeff Hardy Says "No"

- The Dudleys

- Real Fights

- Burnout

- Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy Tension

- WCW Invasion & Impact

- Their Choice Of Homes

- A Telling Difference

- And Much, Much More!

Plus Packed With Exclusive Insider Bonus Features!

- Home Video Footage From The Trampoline Wrestling Federation

- Ultra Rare Promo Of The Hardys As Members Of The Quadra Squad

- Historic Footage Of Surge (Matt Hardy) vs Willow The Wisp (Jeff Hardy)

- Insider Glossary

- Facts And Figures

- And Much More!


1) August 23, 1997 New Dimension Wrestling - Surge (Matt Hardy) vs Willow The Wisp (Jeff Hardy)

- Home Video Footage From The TWF - High Voltage (Matt Hardy) vs Masked Mountain (Jeff Hardy)

- Quadra Squad Promo From The TWF

- Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

- Pro Wrestling Ultimate Insiders

- Desperados Of The Ring

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