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Yamaha EVINO and EKIDS Prototypes Annonced for Tokyo Motor Show

Fri, 08 Nov 2013

Yamaha will present an electric prototype version of its Vino scooter and a new electric dirt bike for youths at the Nov. 22-Dec. 1 Tokyo Motor Show.

Both the EVINO and EKIDS prototypes are powered by the same DC brushless motor and lithium-ion battery. The battery is removeable, allowing it to be charged separate from the rest of the vehicle. The EVINO also makes use of regenerative braking to extend the charge of the battery.

No power or range figures were released for either prototype, though Yamaha says the EVINO is designed for short-distance trips.

The EKIDS uses a modularized version of the EVINO power unit while the electronic controller is programmed to offer ease of use, making it easier for children to learn to ride.

Here’s what Yamaha has to say on the EVINO:

This electric scooter concept model proposes a convenient commuter vehicle with all the necessary functions for short-distance trips while remaining in an affordable price range that makes purchasing easier for consumers. With the “Vino” scooter model popular for its retro-pop styling as a base, this model features environmentally friendly performance supplemented by smooth acceleration from the precisely controlled motor and optimized front-rear weight balance to ensure excellent handling performance even at low speeds. Also, consideration for recharging the vehicle is present with the removable battery and built-in regenerative charging system.

Length×Width×Height = 1,675 mm×645 mm×1,005 mm
Motor type = DC brushless motor
Battery type = Lithium-ion

And here’s a description of the EKIDS:

This concept model is a bike for kids learning to ride and mounts a modularized “EVINO” electric power unit. It features a motor with electronic control designed for an easy-to-use and friendly feeling to the ride that is great for kids just learning how to ride. Also, since there is no worry about getting dirty from gasoline or oil, it can be transported in vehicles or ridden indoors.

Length×Width×Height = 1,245 mm×575 mm×715 mm <brMotor type = DC brushless motor
Battery type = Lithium-ion

[Source: Yamaha]

By Dennis Chung

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