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Yamaha 350LC ProAm, Mallory Park 1981

Thu, 26 Aug 2010

So Kenny Roberts Jnr think traction control is ruining racing?

Having watched this 1981 ProAm race from Mallory Park, I'm forced to agree.

Racing should be a spectacle. We all want to see bucking, weaving bikes on the very edge of control (and sometimes beyond) with the rider's skill taming the behaviour - rather than being the responsibility of a bunch of software experts. We've got enough of those in this office and the only spectacle they provide are the ones balancing on the bridges of their noses.

Before TC was a swear word in our vocabulary, these absolutely identical 350LC Yamahas were providing their own spectacle. Here's hoping for Kenny's wishes to come true in 2012...

By mark forsyth

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