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Used Review: Dainese Dunette lady textile jacket

Thu, 01 May 2008

I have hugely contradicting opinions on this jacket.

On the one hand I simply adore the flattering cut, build quality and enviable style. But there is the most glaring, obvious flaw which despite my love of the jacket has to be acknowledged – the colour. White.

Honestly, I can’t imagine that the person who designed this has ever drawn breath near a motorcycle, let alone ridden one.

The filth I scrub from myself every day as I ride through London is always a bit shocking, and this white jacket stays white for about 30 minutes. 

Yes they do another colour, beige, yet I fear that too would suffer.

The body armour sits perfectly in line with your body, a pinched-in waist courtesy of side belts create femininity but don’t hinder as the side zips on the hips allow plenty of movement when riding.

It is a fantastic jacket, but akin to Brad Pitt – utterly desirable and perfect in every way, but in reality a high-maintenance pain in the backside when you get him home.

Pros: Oozing with style, immensely flattering
Cons: Dirt magnet

Price: £189.99

By Visordown