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The TwinTrax Is A Machine Straight From Mad Max

Fri, 27 Sep 2013

Just look at this motorcycle for a moment. A creation of the German Motorcycle Authority, the TwinTrax is nearly 107 inches long, weighs 882 pounds, and took owner/builder Christoph Madaus 12 years to complete. Oh, and don’t forget the two Harley-Davidson V-Twins powering this thing. By all accounts, the sharp angles and crafty metal work makes the TwinTrax truly look like an outrageous motorcycle.

Each engine measures 1340cc and produces 80 hp each. Considering the long reach to the bars and the rearset pegs, the TwinTrax puts the rider flat against the frame rail, perfect for a launch down a dragstip. And yet this thing is complete with lights and mirrors, meaning it sees regular road duty as well. Although we can’t imagine it turns well with its 63-degree rake, ensuring stability over agility.

From here we can see the bike incorporates an inverted fork and twin shocks. With all this mass to haul its no surprise to see three six-piston calipers (two up front, one in the back) are tasked with bringing everything to a stop. The four exhaust pipes are beautifully routed from the right side of the bike, terminating just past the seat into a pair of Supertrapp mufflers. Information beyond that is hard to come by, since most the things written about the TwinTrax is in German.

So if you’re able to translate any of the German press and provide us more info about this wild ride, please tell us in the comments section below.

By Troy Siahaan

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