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New: Richa Elegance Glove

Fri, 01 Aug 2008

A mild winter / rainy summer glove that is actually really good.

A fleece-lined interior gives comfort and warmth while they’re thin enough to retain feeling and dexterity on the levers, and the soft leather padded palms and underside give great grip when wet.

They have a breathable and waterproof Hipora liner so no fear of clammy hands and should keep your mitts dry through the ever-lingering showers.

There is a spark of design genius on these. It took me over 5 minutes staring at them to figure it out, but a hard rubber ridge on the outside edge of the left forefinger acts as a handy visor wiper in the rain.

It might not work perfectly (some smears remained) but it’s clever. Overall, nothing hugely technical but better than expected for an average glove.

Pros: Comfort, visor wiper
Cons: No armour
sizes: XS - XL

Price: £29.99

By Visordown