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New: Dainese G-Stripes Pelle Lady Jacket

Fri, 01 Aug 2008

With this jacket the smell was the first sensory indulgence that struck me, then the sublime softness of the leather and the realisation that this was a great jacket.

Italian style at it’s very best, sexy, flattering and functional all in one package.

I couldn’t have been quicker putting it on, jumping on the bike and going for a ride.

It’s a short jacket, so can ride up slightly, and with jeans might leave a slight gap at the back when hugging the tank, but there are side zips on the hips to ‘give’ a little and alleviate this.

Italian sizing is the ever eternal challenge, I reckon the 42 equates to an average 10 but it’s best to get this jacket really snug.

It does give in to your body shape slightly and by the time winter comes you’ll be able to stick the quilted lining back in. You know it’s good when the non motorcycling species stop you to ask where they can get it. I simply can’t rate this jacket highly enough.

Pros: Style, fit, quality
Cons: Short jackets and low jeans don’t mix!
Sizes: 10 - 14

Price: £339.99

By Visordown