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NEW: Yoshimura ends cans for Honda CB1000R

Wed, 10 Feb 2010

LEGENDARY JAPANESE tuning house Yoshimura has designed a series of slip-on performance end cans for Honda’s naked CB1000R.

The brand new EEC-approved cans bolt straight onto the bike's exiting pipework and feature a stainless steel end cone and integral lower Yoshimura logoed cat-converter heat shield.

Even with the dB-Killer baffle in place peak power is improved, as is mid-range torque with further performance gains available if the baffle is removed.

A full race mid-pipe, extracting yet more power is on the way and will be available later in the year.

The Yoshimura CB1000R Slip-On, including the supplied heat shield, is over 4kgs lighter than the OE item, the Carbon sleeve, even more so at just 4.65kg.

Part Number/Sleeve Type/Weight/RRP including VAT

1A0-480-5B50         Stainless Steel           2.61kg                       £712.71
1A0-480-5B80          Titanium                    2.45kg                        £770.18
1A0-480-5B80B         Titan Blue                 2.45kg                        £850.65
1A0-480-5B90          Carbon                      2.35kg                        £896.63
1A0-480-5B20          Metal Magic               2.61kg                        £793.17        

Noise Output (decibels)

Standard end can: 94dB    @ 5,000rpm
Yoshimura EEC Slip-On:  94.5dB @ 5,000rpm

(with db-killer in place)

By Visordown News

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