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Husqvarna E-go Entry-Level Electric Motorcycle Revealed in Frankfurt

Wed, 14 Sep 2011

BMW unveiled its concept for an electric-powered entry-level motorcycle, the Husqvarna E-go, a motard-style urban commuter that appears to be BMW’s answer to Zero’s offerings.

Despite the rather self-centered sounding name, the E-go is a humble-looking vehicle with some intriguing innovations.

At first glance, the Husqvarna E-Go looks a lot like a bicycle – until you notice there are no pedals. The E-go is powered by an electric motor, though BMW has not released any information about the motor or the battery.

Visually, the E-go does reflect Husqvarna’s brand identity with the red and white colors, dirtbike-style number plate and a similar front fender to the Nuda 900R. Two things do stand out with the E-go however: the 176 pound claimed weight and the single-sided front wheel.

The 176 pound weight sounds incredibly light, but without any information about the battery or strength of the motor, it doesn’t mean much.

The front suspension is more interesting. The Husqvarna E-go has both suspension tubes on the right side of the wheel with 35mm inner fork tubes. It’s an interesting idea and helps the E-go look even smaller than it is when viewed from the left, but it’ll be more interesting to see how it rides.

By Dennis Chung

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