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Homemade Electric “Batpod” For Sale On Ebay – Video

Mon, 21 Oct 2013

Direct from the “OMG” folder comes this: an electric motorcycle modeled after Batman’s two-wheeler, the Batpod. Complete with flame thrower and machine gun!

Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique motorcycles I’ve ever come across. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Batman will know exactly where the inspiration for this bike came from. For those not in the know, the Batpod was the caped crusader’s two-wheeled crime fighting rig, complete with guns, fire, and a lay-down riding position. What’s unique in this case is the path this builder took to get here.

For starters, this version of the Batpod is completely battery powered. An AC-20 electric motor (by HPEVS) is mated with a Curtis 1238-7501 motor controller. According to the seller, this system is rated at 650amp, 82 ft.-lbs. of torque, and 65 hp, with regenerative braking. “The system is pre-programmed for this specific motorcycle (final drive ratio & tire diameter), but it can always be re-programmed via a Curtis hand-held programmer.”


As for batteries, “the entire system is powered by Optima Bluetop D34M batteries, wired in-series to provide 96VDC (nominal) to the system.” An off-board 96VDC external charger, specifically designed for this battery pack is included. It operates on any standard 110VAC outlet, but as with any electric vehicle, recharge time depends on usage and the amount still stored in the batteries. “A fully depleted battery pack will pull about 15amps from the charger, and then slowly taper off until the battery pack reaches full charge.”

Underpinning the Batpod is a modified 2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod chassis. The rear suspension has been ditched for a hard tail rear end to make room for the batteries, motor, controller and other necessary hardware. The front suspension uses the standard V-Rod fork stanchions, with custom triple trees to accommodate a second, repurposed 200/50-18 rear tire, which now moves to the front. Yes, both front and rear wheel and tire sizes are the same.

To emulate the lay-down riding position, the rider sits on a used on hand-made leather seat, supported by standard seat springs with a rubber pivot cushion. Footpegs near the rear wheel prop the rider’s feet backwards, and since no shifting is required, there’s no concern about relocating shift linkages. The hand controls are positioned very low on the fork to complete the proper Batpod riding position. Padding for the chest and chin complete the ergo package, and the seller says the controls should suit average-sized people at least 5-foot-6-inches tall.

And now some sad news: while the flame thrower and machine gun are fully functional, in order to comply with eBay rules, the seller has removed the cannon trigger breach blocks and flamethrower pressure release valves, rendering them inoperable. However, he’s completely willing to provide the pieces, free of charge, for the buyer to re-install. While generous of him, one can’t help but picture the mayhem (and lawsuits!) that might ensue if this bike ended up in the wrong hands.

According to the eBay listing, the electric Batpod is available with no reserve. As of this writing, bidding is currently at $14,800, with the auction closing at 3pm PST on Sunday, October 27th. Click the link for more details about the bike directly from the man who built it. The seller also included the video links below detailing every aspect of the bike. His settings won’t allow embedding, so click each link to view them on YouTube.

BatPod walkaround video

BatPod riding demonstration video

Flamethrower demonstration video

By Troy Siahaan

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