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Hero MotoCorp Reveals RNT 150 Turbo Direct Injection Diesel Concept

Wed, 29 Jan 2014

Hero MotoCorp revealed a new scooter concept powered by a 150cc turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. And if that isn’t unique enough, the concept is also two-wheel drive, with an electric motor in the front wheel hub. It’s too soon to know when the Hero RNT 150 TDI concept will ever make it to serial production, but the scooter does represent a technological show of force, proving that Hero can carry on its own research and development following its split from longtime partner Honda.

According to Hero, the liquid-cooled TDI engine produces just 13.5 hp at 4000 rpm, but it’s the torque numbers that really shine, claiming 25.8 ft-lb. at just 1600 rpm. The engine also acts as a generator, with Hero claiming it can provide about 1500 W of continuous electric power or 6.5 A at 230V.

The optional electric hub-mounted motor produces 1.3 hp, but it works independently from the rear and is operated by a secondary throttle control. Both the electric motor and turbocharger will be optional.

Visually, the RNT looks a bit odd, but the ugly duckling appearance serves a purpose. The long front beak and tail can be used to carry cargo while the grill covering the rear shock unfolds to become an additional carrying rack. Hero says the RNT also has mounting points for ploughs and harvesters.

Other features include an LED headlight, a removable secondary LED headlight that can serve as a flashlight, 37mm telescopic fork, adjustable rear shock, and 17-inch wheels. Hero claims the RNT 150 TDI has weighs 300 pounds with a full 1.6-gallon tank.

[Source: Hero]

By Dennis Chung

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