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Brazilian Police In Search of Carjacking Suspect: First Name Harley, Last Name Davidson

Tue, 22 Jan 2013

Brazilian police made what they thought was a breakthrough in an investigation into a string of carjackings. The key evidence was a baseball cap bearing what police believed was the suspect’s name: Harley Davidson.

Sergeant Cunha, chief of police in the town Guapo in central Brazil, appeared on a television news station Goiania with an appeal to the public for help in finding a Mr. Harley Davidson after investigators found a black Harley-Davidson baseball cap and a gray T-shirt linked to the suspect.

“He left a grey T-shirt which he had used to cover his face, and also a baseball cap with a skull embroidered on it, along with the name Harley, and the citizen’s surname, Davidson, who is probably the miscreant we’re looking for,” Cunha told Goiania (as translated by the Daily Mail.)

It wasn’t until video of Cunha’s interview appeared on YouTube, turning a serious appeal for public assistance into embarrassment for Cunha and his police force. It’s bad enough Cunha assumed the suspect’s name was Harley Davidson, but why on earth would a criminal go to the effort of covering his face to avoid being identified wear a baseball cap with his own name?

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[Source: the Daily Mail]

By Dennis Chung

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