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2015 KTM Freeride E-SX and E-XC Announced for Europe

Mon, 22 Sep 2014

After a lengthy testing period, the KTM Freeride E electric off-road motorcycle is finally heading to market, with KTM announcing two versions for 2015.

First revealed at the 2011 EICMA show in Milan, the Freeride E has undergone a lot of testing at off-road parks around Europe. From this prolonged development period, KTM will now bring to market the Freeride E-SX motocrosser and the street-legal E-XC enduro. The two models are essentially identical, with the E-XC adding lights, turn signals, mirrors, an ignition lock and a steering lock.

“We’re really excited to finally see this ultra-innovative bike head into the market. The feedback from our E-Parks, situated around Europe, has been really positive and this is a quality product, which we hope to see on many tracks and trails in the near future. KTM is completely committed to this project, and while the Freeride E is already a very established bike, this is really just the beginning of our involvement in E-Mobility,” says Thomas Kuttruf, KTM PR Manager.

Both Freeride E models are powered by permanent magnet synchronous electric motors claiming a peak output of 21.5 hp and 31.0 ft-lb. of torque, which KTM says is on par with similar-sized gas-driven motorcycles. The engine and engine control unit are water-cooled to maintain optimal performance.

The motor is fueled by a die-cast aluminum powerpack containing 360 lithium ion battery cells with a total capacity of 2600 Wh. KTM says the battery should provide enough juice for an hour of riding, but a depleted powerpack can be easily swapped for a fully-charged unit by raising the seat and loosening four bolts. KTM says the powerpack can get a full charge in 80 minutes while a 50-minute charge will suffice for an 80% charge.

Like most electrics, the Freeride E runs on a single gear. Because there’s no need for a clutch lever or gear shift, the Freeride E models lack foot controls and have both front and rear brakes controlled by hand levers.

The chassis comprises a chrome-moly steel and aluminum frame and a fiber reinforced polyamide subframe. The lower section is braced by the motor while an aluminum base plate provides some protection.

The suspension system consists of a 43mm upside-down fork and PDS rear shock from WP, offering 250mm of travel. Italian supplier Formula supplies the brakes. The Freeride E models use anodized aluminum Giant rims with CNC-machined hubs, helping reduce the claimed weight to 234 pounds.

The 2015 KTM Freeride E-SX is priced in Germany at 10,995 (US$14,125) including tax, while the Freeride E-XC is available for 11,295 (US$14,510).

[Source: KTM. Action photos by Mitterbauer H, static shots by Romero S.]

By Dennis Chung

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