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Warren Zevon Original Album Series Box Set Excitable Boy The Envoy New 5 Cd on 2040-motos

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Monterey, California, United States

Monterey, California, United States
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Desperado All description

Warren Zevon
"Original Album Series"
5 CDs housed in individual mini sleeves with album art, packaged in a box set.
Includes the albums "Warren Zevon", "Excitable Boy", "Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School", "Stand In The Fire - Recorded Live At The Roxy" and
"The Envoy".
UPC: 081227983710
Label: Warner Bros

Track List:

[Disc 1]
Warren Zevon 38:30
1-1 Frank And Jesse James 
1-2 Mama Couldn't Be Persuaded 
1-3 Backs Turned Looking Down The Path 
1-4 Hasten Down The Wind 
1-5 Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
1-6 The French Inhaler 
1-7 Mohammed's Radio 
1-8 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 
1-9 Carmelita 
1-10 Join Me In L.A. 
1-11 Desperados Under The Eaves 

[Disc 2]
Excitable Boy 31:51
2-1 Johnny Strikes Up The Band 
2-2 Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner 
2-3 Excitable Boy 
2-4 Werewolves Of London 
2-5 Accidentally Like A Martyr 
2-6 Nighttime In The Switching Yard 
2-7 Veracruz 
2-8 Tenderness On The Block 
2-9 Lawyers, Guns And Money 

[Disc 3]
Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School 35:37
3-1 Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School 
3-2 A Certain Girl 
3-3 Jungle Work 
3-4 Empty-Handed Heart 
3-5 Interlude No. 1 
3-6 Play It All Night Long 
3-7 Jeannie Needs A Shooter 
3-8 Interlude No. 2 
3-9 Bill Lee 
3-10 Gorilla, You're A Desperado 
3-11 Bed Of Coals 
3-12 Wild Age 

[Disc 4]
Stand In The Fire - Recorded Live At The Roxy 42:37
4-1 Stand In The Fire 
4-2 Jeannie Needs A Shooter 
4-3 Excitable Boy 
4-4 Mohammed's Radio 
4-5 Werewolves Of London 
4-6 Lawyers, Guns And Money 
4-7 The Sin 
4-8 Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
4-9 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 
4-10.a Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger 
4-10.b Bo Diddley 

[Disc 5]
The Envoy 32:18
5-1 The Envoy 
5-2 The Overdraft 
5-3 The Hula Hula Boys 
5-4 Jesus Mentioned 
5-5 Let Nothing Come Between You 
5-6 Ain't That Pretty At All 
5-7 Charlie's Medicine 
5-8 Looking For The Next Best Thing 
5-9 Never Too Late For Love