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Warren Zevon - Desperado Of Los Angeles : Plasketes, George on 2040-motos

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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
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Desperado All description

Warren Zevon (1947Ė2003) was one of the most innovative songwriters in recent popular music history, and Plasketes captures the full range of Zevonís skills in the first full-length biography of the artist. Plasketes provides a comprehensive analysis of Zevonís entire body of workófrom his self-titled debut in 1976 to The Wind, recorded and released during his last year aliveóthat serves as an almost definitive look at his 'legacy of tortured brilliance,' which still attracts new admirers today. Especially fascinating is Plasketesís look at how Zevonís debut 'endures as one of the most delightfully dark visions of Southern California culture, demystifying the Hollywood scene, its desperation and decadence.' Also good are his in-depth looks at some works that critics overlooked at the time of their release, such as 'Transverse City' ('Zevonís most ambitious record') and 'Lifeíll Kill Ya' ('a gem, a modest masterpiece'). Plasketes admits his reliance on 'Iíll Sleep When Iím Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon'óthe exhaustive posthumous oral history compiled in 2007 by Zevonís ex-wife, Crystalóbut he adds plenty of original work to fully illuminate the art behind the wild stories from Zevonís alcohol and drug binges. (Publishers Weekly)
By taking Zevonís music chronologically, pulling each record apart down to its smallest constitutive parts, Plasketes crafts a highly readable account of Zevonís life that is also chock full of information. Even the tangential factoids, such as a lengthy aside about how the rise of MTV led to the reinforcement of the music industry, feel relevant and closely tied to Zevonís under-the-radar career.... What Plasketes has achieved with Desperado of Los Angeles is a book that on the whole resides somewhere between the fandom/objectivity continuum, the tenuousness of that construction notwithstanding. Zevon has been long overdue for a scholarís examination, and Plasketes proves himself more than up to the task. This volume is both a helpful bedrock for future studies of Zevonís music and an interesting case study in what it means to do academic music writing. Fans of Zevonís music will quickly gobble up Plasketesí carefully assembled critical history, and curious newcomers to Zevonís oeuvre would do well in using this book as a guide. But Plasketesí research has value beyond the reaches of Zevonís musical output; anyone interested in the business of writing about music critically would learn a great deal from the strengths and weaknesses of analysis in this book. Undoubtedly, Zevon would be proud that his work has inspired conversations like these. (Popmatters)
[Warren Zevon: Desperado of Los Angeles is] one of the most interesting and in-depth books I've ever read about a musician.... Plasketes does an admirable job in exposing this truth in astounding detail while making it a very enjoyable read, giving us a much larger understanding and empathy for one of the most underrated but important musical artists of our time. (The Corner News)