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Growing Up With Comics By R.g. Taylor Tpb Desperado Publishing 2008 on 2040-motos

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Normal, Illinois, United States

Normal, Illinois, United States
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Desperado All description

New with minor shelf wear. TPBs and other new and used PB/HC books may have minor shelf wear and store/personal library stamps or pricing, names or other pen and pencil marks inside the cover...because the product you are looking at is overstock from the teeming depths of my "DUNGEON OF DOOM". (Seriously I think my comic book store's basement is haunted or something.) Or it might be from my "ATTIC OF HORRORS". (hint: my house also might be haunted.) Possibly from the lesser well known "Shelves of Slight Discomfort" or even the obscure "Hall Closet of Partially Alarming Clutter". Either way your item is ordered, found, bargained for, obtained, bought, photographed, cropped, rotated, uploaded, listed, shelved, picked, bagged, packed, labeled and shipped by one If you want multiple BIN or free ship items, give me a shout so I can make a special listing for you. The more you spend, the happier I am...the happier I am, the happier you are. 

All this text too much for you? Does it just make you want to send me a passive-aggressive message to tell me about how you can't be bothered to read all this? Well, you most likely are a problematic customer and should just move on. There really are people out there like that, ruining it for you, me and everyone else...besides this really was a trap. Now more words!

I pride myself on my expert ability to package and ship items safely. Most single comics & TPB and smaller HC books arrive in Stay-Flat tab lock cardboard envelopes, PBs in poly shipping sleeves and everything else in new or used boxes. Depending on the availability, a larger item may arrive in a double taped new or used cardboard box with; air-bubbles, peanuts, padded mailers and packing paper.  I do try to re-use as much packaging product as I can. I hope that you can help re-use some of it too. If you need extra attention given to your package because you have a small mailbox, live in an apartment building or have a carrier that thinks mail requires bending as part of the delivery process, just let me know. If need be I can get some sheet metal.

I'm glad to take a return on any item I sell (even if you don't like the color of the box I shipped it in) but please be aware that I do not pay return shipping. You may be into your item for more money than your refund will cover after shipping two ways and possibly a restocking fee. Something to think about. Any and all returns must be in like condition (sealed, shrink wrapped, unused etc...), insured with delivery confirmation and shipped same method received. Returns go back to the same address they came to you from. Some items are sold as in the package collectibles, removing them from the packaging may suspend your buyer protection. Returns will have any and all original shipping costs (including "free" shipping) deducted before refunding and may have a restocking fee of up to 20%. Items damaged in the return process will be worked out through the insurance you purchased when you returned the item. If I find that I am at fault for damage or mis-shipment, I of course will take care of it. Any item refused, marked return to sender or comes without DC & insurance may be abandoned or ignored unless you make prior arrangements with me. Message me your tracking & insurance numbers before the package arrives please. It is easier and protects both of us that way.

I buy, scarf, obtain, scrounge & hoard jigsaw puzzles by the HUNDREDS from church, garage, community sales and such and they may have musty, basement or attic like odors. ALSO there is NO feasible way for me to count each and every one of them. If you buy a jigsaw puzzle and find there is a missing piece, please just let me know and I will be happy to take care of it. Just send me a picture of it almost completed. Buying a puzzle from me means you acknowledge and consider each and every puzzle to be uncounted with a possibility of being incomplete. 

Keys are not implied to be either valid or invalid on any used games or software. Vintage software and media are sold as collectibles and not guaranteed to work or have perfect image quality. Some items may be disassembled to ensure they arrive safely and unbroken. Music, game and other discs may be run on a professional buffer machine and then described as LN. Used & LN HC, TPB, DVD & BluRay games and movies may or may not have intact digital download coupons. My items come from many and varied sources (it would be an impossibility to tell you the pedigree of every item I have for sale) sometimes but not always including; smoking households, homes with weird pets or people that cook gross food. 

Thinking of making a best offer? Well, I only entertain serious offers so don't bother with less than half. It is insulting and a waste of our time. Am I not responding to your totally lame offers? Best just move on because it is pointless. You put some really lowball bid in and you'll get on the list anyway. 

Wanting me to split a lot up? Heh. I bet you can tell what the answer to that is. Yeah, you're a smrt one alright, I knew I liked you.

Thinking of asking me to alter a customs form? Yeeeeah, I'm not going to do that so don't even ask. Best to just move on.

Can't buy my stuff?  I don't take payment besides paypal unless you pick the item up in person. If you pay by echeck, I open unpaid item cases in 2 days, so better hope it clears when it is supposed to. If you are blocked and you really must buy one of my items, send me a message.

Am I an idiot? (entirely possible) Did I manage to misspell something even with spell checker on? Did I use the wrong picture? Item details from some other book showing up? Got a $4000 handling fee? Shipping set to Overnight Express for a 1oz item? Let me know, I'm just one guy and I list VERRRRY early in the morning and am happy to thank for the assist. Know more than me about the item?, that's also possible. I'm an expert on many, many things, especially in the comics and toy area (70s-00s). I am not however Big King UGG- All Highest of Nerdlandia & Beyond. There are times where I'll miss something like an armor bit, a backpack, a trailer hitch a broken wing tip or a chipped ear. For that I beg your patience. It has taken me 20 years to amass the knowledge that I have but there is still plenty more to learn.

Need your item faster, like overnight? Want it shipped as a gift? Got a special packaging or delivery needs, like to a giftee? Do you just like asking pertinent questions to the task at hand? Fire away! Please note that I cannot mail your item to anywhere but the address(s) you have on file with ebay. If you have a giftee in mind, put their address into your profile and choose it when you checkout and do it BEFORE you buy it.

Problem with your order? Drop me a line. I'm happy and determined to help and make your sale right. I'm only one guy doing all this so every now and then I do make a mistake....only problem is, with one guy doing all the work around here, there is no one left to catch the mistake except you. 

Item damaged in the mail? You have 2 weeks to start a return, and it isn't a problem at all. To start, show me a picture of the damage and the packaging along with any correspondence or notes from the USPS.  We may work it out through insurance or I may ask for a part to be mailed back, like a book cover or part of the box.  No refunds are made until an item or partial item is returned. Remember you need to save any damaged packaging.

Item go missing? Well...I have online view-able tracking on every package so just let me know and both of us can easily look into it. If it is a week or more outside of delivery then we should both call the USPS. It will dramatically increase the chances of shaking loose any stuck packages within the system.

Don't be offended if I file NPBs after two days. It isn't personal, just with the bulk I am handling, it is just easier to let ebay keep track of that. If you can't pay right away, it would be a good idea (and common courtesy) to ask if I mind before you buy. If you need a few extra days, I really don't mind at all.  I do mind if you don't ask. 

Not sure what the item is that I am selling? (You'd be surprised how often that happens) This is a BIG hint that maybe you shouldn't just go and willy-nilly hit "Buy It Now". Look, I know I am not the most flowery of description writers. "This is the thing I have, it is in X condition.", is about as far as I go. If you do not know what my item is or you are unfamiliar with its function ASK. I'd much rather you DIDN'T buy something from me if you don't know what it is or what I am talking about. If you are not sure what shelf wear, ding, stress, variant, chipping, oxidation, acid staining, Silver, Bronze, Copper Age, Full Bleed, JLA, JSA, BTVS, LOTR, ST:TNG, VF, GN, HC, PF, PB, TPB, OGN, OAV,  MOC, MISB or other common retail comic shop lingo terms are over your head and need some help. It's OK. Everyone starts somewhere. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm your 20+ years experience Nerd Prince expert. Please make your questions very specific if you need more information and your asking before you buy. If I don't respond there is a reason why I have done so, please move on.

My handling time is 1 day, but most shipments go out in far less than 24 hours and even some within mere minutes of paying. Feedback is automatically given out after you receive your item and are happy. 

Again, because this is important: I cannot ship to any address other than one you have on file with ebay and paypal. Make sure your address is correct. If you have special delivery needs, please, please, please, you have to tell me before you buy because your item may already be on its way before your message is read.

Firm but fair. Informal but professional. Committed and honest. Long winded and slightly amusing. My ebay store is an outlet for overstock and treasure hunt finds. I take it very seriously and promise to treat you just like I would any walk-in to my brick and mortar comic book shop. Most of the time that's a good thing!