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Motojournalist Creates First Cinematic Novel – The Plunge Of Icarus

Fri, 10 Oct 2014

Jeff Buchanan, longtime MO contributor and former editor of Robb Report Motorcycling, has published The Plunge of Icarus. This cinematic eBook is what many are calling a new genre of picture book.

According to the App Store description: “As you read each page the images behind the text come alive and change as the story unfolds – revealing additional secrets and nuances of the story. The Plunge of Icarus includes optional narration, music, and sound effects. Access many extras like character bios, reference materials, ‘making of’ info, and more. The app also includes the entire text of The Plunge of Icarus as a free iBook.”

The Plunge of Icarus is available exclusively at the Apple App Store: The Plunge of Icarus.


The not too distant future; the isle of Crete, in the Aegean Sea, has been resurrected as a modern Mount Olympus, home to an omnipotent air force. The flyers that pilot the great birds of war have been raised since birth to believe they are the new gods of Olympus, taking their names from the Greek myths. Icarus is Olympus’ top flyer, a battle-hardened pilot dedicated to the Corps, lording his might over a nameless globe.

One day among the clouds, an encounter with one of the enemy throws Icarus into a disturbing web of confusion, inspiring a quest to decipher the origins of the ambiguous war. When Icarus discovers the truth behind his life of killing he is plunged into a conscience.

The Plunge of Icarus is a completely new genre of eBook created by Cinenovel. The story is brought to stunning, visual life via a unique alchemy of gorgeous photography and landscapes married with dynamic graphic design to compliment a traditional literary manuscript. The story is strikingly enhanced with Cinenovel’s signature innovation of visual effects, sonic accompaniment, and voice-over, delivering a completely immersive reading experience like nothing else before it.


By Tom Roderick