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  • Vortex Custom 3-wheel Trike MotorcycleVortex Custom 3-wheel Trike Motorcycle (2007)
    This was the result of a 2-1/2 year venture into building myself something that I had wanted to build for quite some time - a Full ON - Custom 3-wheel motorcycle that was high performance, custom built, eye-popping moover that also protected me from being on an open-motorcycle, that is open to the elements and with all the general surprises that come with driving a motorcycle - such as dogs/deer crossing the road, inclimate weather, etc.  Anyone that has driven a bike and would love to have some insulation, can fill in their own blanks here... From the onset I did all the research and decided that this model had that best options and chance for creating a good basis for the custom vehicle that I wanted.
    2013-10-23 00:14:17
    Terra Alta, West Virginia, US

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