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  • Rockford Tora MotorcycleRockford Tora Motorcycle (1970)
    Rare, Vintage 1970's Rockford Tora Motorcycle in fair condition.  As far as I can tell this bike was put together from a bin of spare Tora parts and appears to be complete with the exception of the engine skid plate.  It runs, drives, and shifts however the exhaust smokes, and has little power as the carb needs cleaned and adjusted  (it does pull my 180 lbs around the back yard).  There are scratches on the gas tank and rear fender.  The left side of the tank has a small crease and is rusted on the inside but  the tank is solid and does not leak.  I believe that the rear wheel is out of true as the new chain was hard to adjust.  The front fork dust protectors are dry rotted and cracked.  There is a piece missing on the front wheel brake housing.  I don't believe the paint is all original as you can see some light streaking and some overspray.  The headlight works, but the tail light does not.  New Parts that I have put on include a new NOS fuel petcock, inline filter, new NOS  fuel cap, air filter, clutch cable linkage, and return spring.  I also put on a new rear tire, tube, and bike master chain.   I also have a dealer service booklet that covers basic maintenance.  Extra parts that are included are the original petcock, original air filter, new clutch plates, and an extra carburetor. I bought this from a nice gentleman near Syracuse, NY who has several hundred Bridgestone bikes.  NOS parts are available if you want to make it perfect.  Definitely a fixer upper or could be used as spare parts for your present bike.  I bought it because a friend of mine had one back in the day.  I am now over the nostalgia bit and would like to free up some room in my garage for something else.
    2013-10-02 19:09:33
    Hamilton, Ohio, US

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