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  • 1961 Other Makes LS-18/21961 Other Makes LS-18/2 (1961)
    This is as complete as any Lilac I've ever seen, the taillight lens simply cannot be replaced, unmolested and sitting on stock tires until I put NEW tires on so it could be rolled around.  This unit has "Lilac" grips and a Lilac logo mirror, a first for me. The only items I can say for certain that are missing are the air boot connecting the carb to the air box and two of the inst lights in the headlight nacelle.  The brakes look like new, the front brake cable is toast, but there.  The exhaust system has left the building, rust conquers all!  There is an outfit in AU called Overlanders that lists headpipes and mufflers, so a full restoration is feasible. The engine is free, no clunking or other untoward noises, it does not turn through, I'm guessing rust in a cylinder - I will update the listing when I figure it out.  The tank appears to be intact, a rarity, I've not removed the cap so at present the condition inside is unknown, again I will update the listing when known.
    2016-08-09 04:49:43
    Bettendorf, Iowa, United States

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