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  • 1946 Other Makes Hiawatha Doodlebug1946 Other Makes Hiawatha Doodlebug (1946)
    The pictures show what is for the most part a 1946 Hiawatha Doodlebug.  The frame, handlebars and rear fender are all Doodlebug.  The front fender is from another make of scooter.  The floor board is plywood cut to the exact size and shape of an original metal one. The brake assembly is original Hiawatha Doodlebug and the parts are in great shape---and work !  The motor is a 79cc Predator with a centrifugal clutch.  The scooter is chain drive (new chain) from the motor/clutch to the custom rear sprocket which has 45 teeth (the original 36 tooth sprocket comes with the scooter).  The front and rear tires are new and the front axle is also new.  The bushings both front and rear are also new. The handlebar grips are new as is the throttle control.  The black custom made seat is also new.
    2016-06-16 04:53:23
    Leawood, Kansas, United States

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